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July 22, 2014

Orange County Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Banks and S.B.A. by Illegally Obtaining Commercial Loans Worth More Than $10 Million

July 21, 2014

Coto de Caza Man Pleads Guilty in Investment Schemes that Bilked Physicians and Dentists out of more than $2 Million

July 21, 2014

Inland Empire Man Who Admitted Sex Trafficking of a Child who Worked as Prostitute Sentenced to 17½ Years in Federal Prison

July 21, 2014

Yucca Valley Man Who Worked at Area School Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Pornography Charges

July 21, 2014

Organizer of Bank Heist That Yielded $565,000 Using Staged Kidnapping and Fake Bomb Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

July 21, 2014

Former Bank of America Employee Sentenced to 30 Months in Federal Prison for Taking Bribes to Approve Artificially Low-Price Short Sales

July 21, 2014

Former Rosemead Mayor Sentenced to Prison in Corruption Case involving Cash Payments, Witness Tampering, Lies to Investigators

July 16, 2014

Three Indicted in Insurance Fraud Scheme Involving More Than $50 Million Worth of Unneeded Medical Procedures

July 15, 2014

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Pleads Guilty to Laundering Drug Proceeds and Tampering with Witness

July 14, 2014

Corona Woman Who Ran High-End Denim Jean Company Indicted For Defrauding Investors While on Bond

July 11, 2014

Two Long Beach Men Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Engage in Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud and Coercion

July 10, 2014

Georgia Man Arrested in Wire Fraud Scheme that Bilked Airlines by Obtaining Free ‘Non-Rev’ Tickets for Non-Employees

July 2, 2014

Seal Beach Man Indicted in Foreclosure Rescue Scheme

July 1, 2014

Federal Jury Convicts Six Current and Former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies of Obstructing Federal Civil Rights Investigation

July 1, 2014

Corona Woman Who Ran High-End Denim Jean Company Arrested Again For Defrauding Investors

June 30, 2014

SoCal Man Who Attempted to Assist Al-Qai'da by Providing Weapons Training to Fighters in Pakistan Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison

June 26, 2014

L.A.-Area ‘Notarios’ Indicted in Scheme that Filed Fraudulent ‘Green Card’ Applications and Cost Some Immigrants Their Life Savings

June 20, 2014

O.C. Man Convicted in Scams that Caused Over $3 Million in Losses with False Promises of Products that Treated Common Ailments

June 20, 2014

Two Men Dubbed the ‘Cowboy Gun Bandits’ Arrested by FBI and LAPD on Federal Indictment that Outlines Series of Armed Robberies

June 19, 2014

SoCal Doctor Agrees to Plead Guilty to Distributing Addictive Painkiller and Laundering Proceeds of His Drug Trafficking

June 17, 2014

72 Linked to Broadway Gangster Crips Criminal Street Gang Charged in Federal Racketeering Indictment that Alleges Murders, Robberies and Drug Sales in South Los Angeles

June 13, 2014

2 O.C. Men Arrested in Multimillion Dollar Synthetic Drug Ring

June 12, 2014

Camarillo Woman Sentenced to 97 Months for Involvement in Mortgage Fraud Scheme

June 6, 2014

Justice Department Concludes that Los Angeles County Jail System Continues to Violate Constitutional Rights of Prisoners with Mental Illness and Fails to Provide Adequate Suicide Prevention

June 5, 2014

Four Charged in $22 Million Movie Investment Scheme

June 3, 2014

Ex-Controller of Court Services Firm Admits Embezzling $3.3 Million

June 3, 2014

Former Hollywood Business Figure Arrested in Tax Conspiracy

June 2, 2014

Former Riverside County Deputy Public Defender Gets Year in Prison for Collecting Her Dead Grandmother’s Social Security Benefits

May 28, 2014

Former San Bernardino Police Officer Found Guilty of Federal Civil Rights Charges Stemming from Sexual Assaults of Prostitutes

May 22, 2014

Three Men Guilty of Federal Felony Charges for Starting Illegal Campfire in Angeles National Forest that Became Colby Fire

May 21, 2014

Antelope Valley Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge of Producing Child Pornography Related to Molestation of Relative

May 19, 2014

San Gabriel Valley Teacher Who Pleaded Guilty to Child Exploitation Offenses and Admitted Molestation Sentenced to Over 23 Years

May 14, 2014

15 Charged in ‘Bustout’ Scheme that Cost Victim Banks $15+ Million

May 14, 2014

Former Atascadero Real Estate Developer Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Investors in Central Coast-Based Real Estate Fraud Scheme

May 12, 2014

Men Convicted in Murder of Coast Guard Officer Sentenced to Prison; Pilot of Drug Smuggling Boat Receives Life Without Parole

May 9, 2014

Longtime Pimp Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Taking SoCal Woman to Las Vegas to Work as Prostitute

May 8, 2014

Importers of Fake Brand Name Goods that Were Illegally Counterfeited in China are Sentenced to Federal Prison

May 7, 2014

SoCal Immigration Consultants Sentenced to Prison in Scheme that Filed Bogus Asylum Applications for Hundreds of Chinese Aliens

May 7, 2014

Inland Empire Couple Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges involving Sex Trafficking of a Child who Worked as Prostitute in Hemet

May 7, 2014

O.C. Man Whose Company Provided Military Support Services in Iraq Pleads Guilty to Tax Offenses for Failing to Report Millions in Income

May 6, 2014

O.C. Man Whose Company Provided Military Support Services in Iraq Pleads Guilty to Tax Offenses for Failing to Report Millions in Income

May 5, 2014

Desert Hot Springs Man Who Planted Pipe Bombs Near Ex-Girlfriend’s Residence in Palm Springs Pleads Guilty to Explosives Charge

April 30, 2014

FBI Arrests Moorpark Man in ‘Sextortion’ Case that Targeted Fans of Teen Music Acts such as One Direction and Justin Bieber

April 25, 2014

German Company Ordered to Pay $1.25 Million after Failing to Report Hazardous Condition on a Cargo Ship in the Port of Long Beach

April 24, 2014

Gang Member Found Guilty of Supplying Firearms to Armenian Power

April 24, 2014

Two San Gabriel Valley Men Who Participated in ‘Black Market Peso Exchange’ that Moved Money Out of U.S. Sentenced to Federal Prison

April 24, 2014

Former Senior Partner at KPMG Who Provided Confidential Client Information that Was Used to Make Stock Trades that Generated More Than $1.25 Million in Illegal Profits Sentenced to Federal Prison

April 21, 2014

Bay Area Man Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud by Insider Trading in The Walt Disney Company’s Acquisition of Marvel Entertainment in August 2009

April 17, 2014

Armenian Power Gang Leaders Convicted in Federal RICO Case

April 17, 2014

Former Long-Time Treasurer of Fullerton Teamsters Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement from Union and Filing False Tax Return

April 17, 2014

Former CEO of Simi Valley Company Guilty of Bilking Navy by Selling $2.6 Million in Knock-Off Batteries Used on Aircraft Carriers and Subs

April 14, 2014

S.F. Valley Woman Who Orchestrated Health Care Fraud Scheme that Submitted Nearly $25 Million in Bogus Bills Sentenced to over 7 Years

April 14, 2014

Former Chief Administrative Officer for City of Bell Sentenced to Federal Prison for Cheating IRS to Avoid Taxes on Corrupt Activities

April 10, 2014

SoCal Doctor Charged with Illegally Writing Prescriptions for Addictive Narcotics and Laundering Proceeds of His Drug Dealing

April 8, 2014

Third Defendant Pleads Guilty in Bribery Scheme Related to Projects at Spotlight 29 Casino Operated by Coachella Valley Indian Tribe

April 2, 2014

Three Arrested after Being Named in New Indictment that Alleges Money Laundering, Health Care Fraud and Tax Fraud Schemes

April 2, 2014

Mexican Police Officer to be Arraigned Today on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges Involving about 20 Pounds of Narcotics

March 31, 2014

L.A. Area Physician Assistant Pleads Guilty in Medicare Fraud Cases

March 31, 2014

Riverside County Art Dealer Pleads Guilty in Federal Cyberstalking Case, Admitting He Extorted Victims with Threats of Attack

March 31, 2014

Los Angeles-Area Gang Member Who Trafficked Teens as Prostitutes Sentenced to 30 Years in Federal Prison

March 26, 2014

O.C. Firm Pays $500,000 to Resolve Allegations it Violated the Buy American Act by Selling Foreign-Made Medical Devices to Army

March 24, 2014

Former L.A. City Building Inspector Sentenced to 2½ Years in Federal Prison for Taking Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Bribe Payments

March 24, 2014

Two Medical Product Companies Pay More Than $1 Million to Resolve False Claims Lawsuit that Alleged They Overbilled Federal Agencies

March 17, 2014

Former Bank Employee and Ex-Boyfriend Guilty in Bank Robbery that Yielded over $500,000 with Staged Kidnapping and Fake Bomb

March 17, 2014

Temecula Student Sentenced to Federal Prison in ‘Sextortion’ Case

March 7, 2014

O.C. Woman Sentenced to Over 3 Years in Prison for Defrauding Nuns

March 3, 2014

Real Estate Professional Pleads Guilty to Federal Bank Fraud Charges for Illegally Flipping Central Coast Residential Properties

March 3, 2014

Inland Empire Attorney Pleads Guilty to Ripping Off Social Security

February 28, 2014

Ex-Marine Receives 210-Year Federal Prison Sentence for Drugging and Raping Girls in Cambodia

February 21, 2014

California State Senator Ronald Calderon Charged with Taking Bribes in Exchange for Official Acts on Behalf of Hospital Owner and Independent Film Studio that Was Actually an FBI Front

February 21, 2014

Former Owner of Long Beach Hospital Charged in Health Care Fraud Scheme that Paid Tens of Millions of Dollars in Kickbacks for Referrals for Spinal Surgeries Billed to Workers' Comp Programs

February 20, 2014

Six Indicted In Fraud Cases Related To Telemarketing Operations That Solicited Millions To Fund Fake Movies

February 18, 2014

Three Found Guilty for Roles in $20 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme Involving Bogus Prescriptions for Expensive Anti-Psychotic Drugs

February 12, 2014

Riverside County Art Dealer Arrested in Federal Cyberstalking Case

February 10, 2014

Task Force Investigation into PCP Trafficking Leads to Federal Charges against Producers and Distributors of the Dangerous Drug

February 10, 2014

Two Men Sentenced for Federal Hate Crime Charges Resulting From 2012 New Year's Eve Attack on African-American Youths

February 10, 2014

Former Guatemalan Special Forces Officer Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Lying about Role in 1982 Massacre to Get U.S. Citizenship

February 10, 2014

Former San Bernardino Teacher Sentenced to 120 Months For Enticement of a Minor

February 7, 2014

New Indictment Stemming from Civil Rights Investigation into L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Alleges Two Deputies Abused Inmate

February 6, 2014

Florida Man Charged in Federal Counterfeit Case for Trafficking Bogus Automotive Devices ‘Reverse Engineered’ in China

February 5, 2014

Two Men Convicted of Federal Charges in Killing of Coast Guard Officer during Operation Targeting Drug Smuggling Boat

February 5, 2014

Founders of Bankrupt Real Estate Investment Firm Indicted in Wide-Ranging Scheme that Led to Over $110 Million in Losses

January 27, 2014

Two Mexican Mafia Members Guilty of Federal Racketeering Charges in Crackdown Targeting Ontario Street Gang

January 24, 2014

International Law Enforcement Efforts Result in Charges around the World against Operators and Customers of Email Hacking Websites

January 23, 2014

Denver Man Who Promoted Credit Services Scheme to Fraudulently Obtain Business Lines of Credit Sentenced To Federal Prison

January 23, 2014

Two California Men Arrested for Email Hacking Scheme that Yielded Nude Photos that were Posted on 'Revenge Porn' Website

January 21, 2014

Three Men Charged in Federal Court for Starting Illegal Campfire in Angeles National Forest that Became Colby Fire

January 16, 2014

Man Who Conspired with Female Friend to Solicit ‘Hit Man’ to Kill Her Daughter’s Boyfriend Sentenced to 7 Years in Federal Prison

January 16, 2014

San Fernando Valley Pastor Arrested for Running a Fraudulent Investment Scheme that Targeted Spanish-Speaking Investors

January 15, 2014

Los Angeles-Area Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking of Minors by Force

January 14, 2014

El Salvadoran National Sentenced To 15 Years in Federal Prison in Credit Card Fraud Case

January 13, 2014

San Fernando Valley Woman Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in $25 Million Health Care Fraud Case

January 9, 2014

Santa Barbara Doctor Known as ‘Candy Man’ Pleads Guilty to Illegally Writing Prescriptions for Huge Quantities of Dangerous Narcotics

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