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January 13, 2011


United States Attorney David B. Fein today announced new supervisory appointments within the United States Attorney’s Office.  Certain changes were necessitated by the departure of Nora Dannehy, who had been serving the Office as Chief of the Financial Fraud and Public Corruption Unit before being appointed as the Deputy Attorney General for the State of Connecticut.

Eric J. Glover has been named Chief of the Financial Fraud and Public Corruption Unit.  The Unit is responsible for prosecuting matters involving securities, commodities and investor fraud, public corruption, bank fraud and embezzlement, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud, bankruptcy fraud and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  AUSA Glover has been a federal prosecutor since 1998, first serving in the Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Unit.  He has been an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Connecticut since 2002, most recently serving as Deputy Chief of the Unit.

Richard J. Schechter has been named Deputy Chief of the Financial Fraud and Public Corruption Unit.  Mr. Schechter has served as a Senior Litigation Counsel in the District of Connecticut since 2005.  Prior to his time in Connecticut, he was an AUSA in the District of New Jersey for approximately 18 years.

“Nora Dannehy has served the people of Connecticut and this nation for almost two decades,” stated U.S. Attorney Fein.  “We thank her for her invaluable service to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, where she supervised significant public corruption and white collar prosecutions, and we congratulate her on her new position with the State of Connecticut.  While Nora will be missed dearly, the Office is fortunate to have two experienced prosecutors, Eric Glover and Rich Schechter, available to head the Unit.  Under their leadership, I’m confident that the Office will continue its high standards in investigating and prosecuting public corruption and financial fraud crimes.”

Also, Robert M. Spector has been named Deputy Chief of the District of Connecticut’s Appellate Unit.  Mr. Spector has been an AUSA for approximately nine years, most recently serving as Deputy Chief of the Violent Crimes and Narcotics Unit and as Project Safe Neighborhoods (“PSN”) coordinator.  AUSA Sandra S. Glover is the Chief of Appeals.

S. Dave Vatti will succeed AUSA Spector as Deputy Chief of the Violent Crimes and Narcotics Unit and PSN coordinator.  As PSN coordinator, AUSA Vatti will manage firearms prosecutions that seek to deter the illegal possession of guns and reduce gun and gang violence.  Mr. Vatti has been an AUSA in the District for approximately seven years, primarily as a member of the Office’s Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (“OCDETF”), which targets major drug trafficking operations responsible for the distribution of large quantities of narcotics.

The Violent Crimes and Narcotics Unit includes both PSN and OCDETF, and is also responsible for violent crime, gangs and narcotics matters.  Tracy L. Dayton is the Chief of the Unit.  AUSA Peter D. Markle is a Deputy Chief of the Unit and serves as the District’s OCDETF coordinator.

The United States Attorney’s Office is charged with enforcing federal criminal laws in Connecticut, and with representing the federal government in civil litigation in the District.  The District is composed of more than 60 Assistant United States Attorneys and approximately 55 staff members at offices in New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport.




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