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Designation of Assistant United States Attorney Responsible for Financial Litigation

The importance attached to financial litigation by the Department of Justice is reflected in the requirements of 28 C.F.R. § 0.171(b), which reads:

    Each United States Attorney shall designate an Assistant United States Attorney, and such other employees as may be necessary, or shall establish an appropriate unit within [the] office, to be responsible for activities related to the satisfaction, collection, or recovery, as the case may be, of judgments, fines, penalties, and forfeitures (including bail-bond forfeitures).

The success of any Financial Litigation Unit will depend in large part upon the commitment of the United States Attorney to support the members of the Unit. The Assistant United States Attorney responsible for financial litigation should provide daily supervision and support as needed to ensure the work of the Financial Litigation Unit can be actively monitored, successes and shortcomings can be identified and evaluated on a continuing basis, financial litigation activities can be carried out in a uniform and consistent manner, and Unit personnel can readily obtain legal advice and guidance on the handling of financial litigation matters. Ensuring that such adequate supervision and support is provided requires that the United States Attorney designate an Assistant United States Attorney with direct responsibility and supervision of the Financial Litigation Unit and for reporting to the United States Attorney on the Unit's progress.

See USAM  3-9.120.

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