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Financial Litigation Staff, Executive Office for United States Attorneys

The Financial Litigation Staff was established in June 1982 to provide assistance and direction to United States Attorneys in their financial litigation work and to carry out the Department's objectives for improved financial litigation. The Staff is responsible for developing programs and procedures which will improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of United States Attorneys' financial litigation efforts.

The Financial Litigation Staff is headed by a Deputy Director for Legal Programs. The responsibilities of the Staff include: overseeing and coordinating the Financial Litigation Program Managers and Financial Litigation Assistance Programs; developing and supporting local and national training conferences for financial litigation personnel; developing and implementing financial litigation policies and new or improved procedures; promulgating appropriate legislation to assist the United States Attorneys in their financial litigation efforts; publishing financial litigation newsletters and articles; working with the Case Management Staff in reviewing, developing or revising reporting requirements and procedures; coordinating evaluation policy and procedures for Financial Litigation Units with the Evaluation and Review Staff; and working with representatives of other components within the Department of Justice, client agencies, Office of Management and Budget, General Accounting Office, the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and the Congress to resolve problems and enhance government-wide financial litigation efforts.

The Deputy Director also works with the Civil Issues Subcommittee of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys to bring to the Department's attention issues arising in the area of financial litigation, to determine the needs of United States Attorneys' offices in their financial litigation activities, and to identify problem areas in the handling of financial litigation matters both within United States Attorneys' offices and with their client agencies.

The Financial Litigation Staff stands ready to assist United States Attorneys and their Financial Litigation Unit personnel in any way possible. United States Attorneys are encouraged to advise the Deputy Director of problem areas or situations that arise which may affect the financial litigation operations of all or a number of United States Attorneys' offices. This will allow the Financial Litigation Staff to resolve the matter for all offices involved and eliminate duplication of effort and the loss of valuable personnel time in the field. The Deputy Director should also be advised of any problems that arise and cannot be mutually or adequately resolved with local federal agency representatives. The Financial Litigation Staff can assist by addressing and resolving such problems with representatives of appropriate headquarters' staff in Washington, D.C.

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