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Financial Litigation Program Managers

The Financial Litigation Program Managers initiative was established by the Financial Litigation Staff in May 1983 as the Regional Debt Collection Specialist Program, which was later known as the Regional Financial Litigation Specialist Program. The purpose of the program is to provide assistance and on-site training to United States Attorney financial litigation personnel. The persons selected to provide this training and to participate as Financial Litigation Program Managers are senior Financial Litigation Unit personnel who have day-to-day responsibility for, and first hand experience with, financial litigation operations. Because of their knowledge and expertise, the Financial Litigation Program Managers are able to identify and accommodate the individual training and information needs of the districts they are assigned to assist. This reinforces and augments the general guidance and support provided by the Financial Litigation Staff.

The Financial Litigation Staff has informed the United States Attorneys of the name and telephone number of their respective Financial Litigation Program Manager. Financial Litigation Unit personnel are encouraged to contact their Financial Litigation Program Manager whenever they encounter technical problems in the course of their work for which they do not have a ready solution. A Financial Litigation Program Manager will contact each United States Attorney's office Civil Chief to make arrangements for an annual on-site training visit by a Financial Litigation Program Manager. If there is an immediate need for on-site technical assistance and training, the United States Attorney should feel free to contact the Deputy Director to request specific assistance.

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