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Community Impact Statement

Please provide a description of how a crime or series of crimes have affected you and your community, to assist the Court in making a sentencing decision about a particular Violent Repeat Offender from your neighborhood.  While the U.S. Attorney’s Office cannot guarantee the weight, if any, the Court will give your statement; this information has been very helpful in the past, in informing the Court on how the community is impacted by specific crimes and repeat offenders.

You are encouraged to submit a single community impact statement on behalf of the entire community. Please contact the Community Outreach Specialist at (404) 581-4646 if assistance is needed.

What criminal offense(s) is your impact statement related to? How has this crime affected you and your community? Has this crime had a negative effect on your community’s attitudes about itself, such as increased feelings of anger, rage, vulnerability, fear, paranoia, hopelessness, frustration, or loss of trust and faith in society or law enforcement or the criminal justice system? If so, please explain how. What is the social or economic impact of this crime on your neighborhood, such as children being kept indoors more, unsafe parks, local businesses closing or less likely to stay in your neighborhood, or spending more money or other resources as a result of or to protect yourself from becoming a crime victim? What is needed to return your neighborhood to the condition that existed prior to the crime(s) being committed? What do you think is an appropriate sentence for the person(s) who committed this offense?

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