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December 7 Chicagoan David Headley Charged With Conspiracy in 2008 Mumbai Attacks in Addition to Foreign Terror Plot in Denmark Headley Inforamtion
Abdur Rehman Complaint
December 4 Assistant U.S. Attorney Julie Porter Recognized at Annual U.S. Attorney Awards Ceremony  
December 2 Canopy Financial Co-Founder Jeremy Blackburn Facing Federal Fraud Charges Alleging Deceit in $60 Million Stock Sale Complaint
November 25 North Suburban Man Charged With Cheating Handful of Investors of Several Millions of Dollars Complaint
November 23 Former U.S. Immigration Officer Pleads Guilty to Destroying Government Files and Producing a False Immigration Document Plea Agreement
November 23 United States Sues Chicago Area Landlord for Allegedly Refusing to Rent to African Americans Complaint
November 23 Ten Defendants Indicted in Sham Marriage Conspiracy to Enable Foreign Nationals to Illegally Obtain U.S. Citizenship Indictment
November 20 U.S. Indicts 15 Alleged Members and Associates of Chicago Distribution Cell of La Familia Mexican Drug Cartel Superseding Indictment
November 19 Oak Park Man Charged With Transporting Child Pornography Complaint
November 19 Cortland Man Charged With Transporting Child Pornography Complaint
November 16 Admitted Vice Lords Gang Member Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Illegal Gun Possession  
November 6 Elgin Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Possession of a Handgun and Crack Cocaine  
November 6 Owner of Former Suburban Car Dealership Arrested; Charged With Two Others in Fraud on Customers and Lenders Indictment
November 5 Four Alleged Black P Stone Nation Gang Members Charged With Selling Crack Cocaine in South Side Area Known as "Terror Town"  
November 5 Fugitive Former General Motors Executive Returns to U.S.; Pleads Guilty to Metals Fraud and $6.5 Million Kickback Scheme Plea Agreement
October 29 Chinese Honey Supplier Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Evade U.S. Restrictions on Imported Honey Plea Agreement
October 29 West Suburban Man Charged With Defrauding 60 Investors of $28 Million in Alleged "Ponzi" Scheme Information
October 27 Two Chicago Men Charged in Connection With Alleged Roles in Foreign Terror Plot That Focused on Targets in Denmark Rana Amended Complaint
Rana Complaint
Headley Complaint
October 26 South Suburban Family Bank and Trust Co. Agrees to Plead Guilty and Forfeit $800,000 for Failng to File Currency Reports in 2001 Information
October 15 Chicago Man Accused of Posing As Federal Official in Alleged Scheme to Obtain and Sell Area Properties He Did Not Own Complaint
October 15 Skokie-Based Defense Contractor MPC Products Corp. To Pay U.S. $25 Million To Settle Criminal and Civil Contract Fraud Claims Judgment
October 1 "Corona" Augustin Zambrano Among 18 Alleged Latin Kings Gang Leaders in Little Village Region Indicted on Federal Charges Superseding Indictment
August 20 Three Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Leaders and Twin Brothers Who Ran Chicago-Based Distribution Crew Among Dozens Indicted in Chicago as Part of Coordinated Strike Against Drug Traffickers Guzman-Loera, et al. Superseding Indictment

Beltran-Leyva, et al. Indictment

Perez, et al. Superseding Indictment

August 14 Chicago Man Indicted for Lying to FBI About Terrorism Activity Indictment
August 10 City Inspector Charged With Bribery in Probe of Crooked Permits Complaint
August 3 Ten Defendants Indicted in $35 Million Tax Fraud Conspiracy; 3,300 False Tax Returns Filed in Names of Federal Prison Inmates Indictment
September 22 City Inspector Charged With Bribery in Probe of Crooked Permits Complaint
September 16 Former Park Forest and Elk Grove Village Man Charged With Manufacturing and Possessing Child Pornography Complaint
July 28 Chicago Pair Charged in November 2008 Arson of North Elston Apartment Building that Injured Residents Complaint
July 24 Wayne C. Scott Charged with Allegedly Swindling Investors of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in a Fraudulent Investment Scheme Indictment
July 23 Forrest David Laidley Charged With Allegedly Swindling Investors and Financial Institutions in a Multi-million Dollar Fraudulent Financing Scheme Indictment
July 22 Frank A. Castaldi Charged With Allegedly Swindling More Than 450 Investors in $77 Million Ponzi-Scheme Information
July 22 Investment Advisor John A. Orecchio Charged With Allegedly Embezzling $24 Million From Union Pension Funds Information
July 14 Alleged Founder of Street Gang That Uses Violence to Control Hardcore Punk Rock Music Scene Arrested on Extortion Charge for Shaking Down $5,000 From Recording Artist for Protection Complaint
July 10 David J. Hernandez Indicted for Allegedly Swindling 290 Investors in $12 Million Ponzi-Scheme Indictment
July 6 McHenry County Man Sentenced to 280 Months in Prison for Enticing 13-Year-Old Girl to Engage in Sexual Activity  
July 1 Chicago Man Arrested on Federal Charges of Selling Counterfeit $100 Bills Matching More Than $100,000 in Bogus Cash Complaint
June 30 Former CEO of Rock Creek Psychiatric Facility and Affiliated Physician Convicted in $565,000 Bribery and Kickback Conspiracy  
June 29 Ringleader Sentenced to Nine Years in Federal Prison for Allergy Testing Health Care Fraud Scheme that Bilked Insurance Companies and Deceived Thousands of Patients  
June 26 Former Technical Director of Wheeling Paint Company Indicted for Alleged Theft of Trade Secrets Before Joining Competitor Indictment
June 24 Internet Radio Talk Show Host Hal Turner Arrested for Threatening Three Federal Appeals Court Judges in Chicago Over Recent Decision Upholding Handgun Bans Complaint
June 23 Forty-One Defendants Charged in Five New Area Mortgage Fraud Cases; Two Schemes Involve Expensive Condos and Suburban Homes Beck, et al. Indictment

Lisnek, et al. Indictment

Askar, et al. Indictment

Okulaja, et al. Indictment

Luckett Information

June 16 Fugitive Foreign Director of Lake Shore Asset Management Indicted on Federal Fraud and Obstruction Charges Indictment
June 11 Chicago Police Officer Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison for Violating Federal Civil Rights of a Man Confined in a Wheelchair  
June 3 Coal City Paramedic and Youth Soccer Coach Charged with Receiving Child Pornography Complaint
June 3 Chicago-Based NTIC to Pay U.S. $550,000 to Settle Alleged Misuse of DOJ Funds to Lobby Congress Settlement Agreement
May 28 Chicago Ald. Isaac "Ike" Carothers and Galewood Yards Developer Indicted on Federal Charges Alleging Bribery and Corruption in Re-Zoning of 50-Acre West Side Industrial Site Superseding Indictment
May 28 Seven Defendants Indicted in Alleged Racketeering Conspiracy for Roles in Regional Robberies, Berwyn Pipe-Bombing, Illegal Gambling and Obstruction of Justice Involving Two Suburban Cops Superseding Indictment
May 12 Former Executive of Wheeling Electronics Firm to be Arraigned in Alleged $17 Million Bank Fraud Following Arrest Overseas Indictment
May 6 Chinese Honey Supplier Arrested on U.S. Charges for Allegedly Conspiring to Evade U.S. Restrictions on Imported Honey for Chicago Office of German Food Distributor Complaint
May 4 U.S. Charges Bolingbrook Man with Bribery in Connection with Awarding Army Corps of Engineers Contract in Iraq Complaint
May 1 Three Teamsters Local 743 Workers Convicted of Labor Fraud and Theft of Union Ballots in Bid to Rig Contested 2004 Elections  
April 27 Des Plaines Man Convicted of Federal Murder-for-Hire Charges for Soliciting Murder of Partner in Lyons Excavation Business  
April 2 Former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich, His Brother, Two Former Top Aides and Two Businessmen Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges Alleging Pervasive Fraud Superseding Indictment

Fact Sheet
April 1 Two Chicago Board of Trade Floor Traders Charged With Defrauding Customers Out of More Than $2 Million Indictment
March 25 Undercover Operation Results in Fraud Charges Against Professionals in the Mortgage Loan Industry Atieh, et al. Indictment

Khoshabe, et al. Indictment

Karn, et al. Indictment

Javell, et al. Indictment

Moallem, et al. Indictment

Dabbouseh, et al. Indictment

Salem, et al. Indictment

Jaradat, et al. Indictment

Moinuddin, et al. Indictment

Fard, et al. Indictment
March 6 U.S. Obtains Injunction Against Del Rey Tortilleria After Alleging Unsafe Food Production Practices Complaint

Consent Decree
March 6 Chicago Businessman Accused of Cheating Investors of $2 Million in Sales of Tax Certificates on Delinquent Cook County Parcels Complaint
March 6 West Suburban Man Indicted on Federal Gun Charge Indictment
February 27 Chicago Businessman Charged with Defrauding Two Dozen Investors of $4.7 Million in Alleged "Ponzi" Scheme Indictment
February 25 U.S. Charges 19 Defendants in Alleged Fraudulent Identification Document Ring Based in Chicago's Chinatown Neighborhood Zhang, et al. Complaint

Huang Complaint

Si Complaint
February 19 Six Area Defendants Indicted in Alleged $10 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Superseding Indictment
February 18 DuPage Real Estate Firm and Former Agent to Pay $120,000 to Settle Fair Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Consent Order
February 5 Christopher Kelly and BCI Commercial Roofing Indicted on Federal Charges Alleging Fraud Scheme to Obtain Inflated Airline Contracts and Using BCI Proceeds to Pay Kelly's Debts Indictment
January 30 Two Area Physicians among Four Defendants Charged in Three Separate Federal Health Care Fraud Schemes Sheth Information

Montenegro Information

Pam / Williams Indictment
January 29 Former Chicago Area Man Convicted of Failing to Pay More than $65,000 in Child Support Ordered in DuPage County  
January 23 Suburban Businessman Charged with Bilking Millions of Dollars from Hundreds of Investors in Alleged 22-year “Ponzi” Scheme Complaint
January 22 Chicago Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Violating Federal Civil Rights of a Man Beaten While Restrained in a Wheelchair  
January 9 West Suburban Businessman Charged with Filing False Federal Corporate Income Tax Return Information
January 7 Two Principals of Collapsed Foreign Currency Trading Firm Arrested on Federal Charges in Alleged $15 Million Fraud Scheme Complaint
January 6 Leo Burnett to Pay United States $15.5 Million to Settle Overbilling Allegations on Army Advertising Contract Settlement Agreement
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