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2010 News and Press Releases

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December 27 Former Chicago Man Allegedly Swindled Nearly $8 Million From More Than 50 Victims in Investment Fraud Scheme Information
December 21 Internet Radio Host Hal Turner Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison for Threatening Three Federal Appeals Court Judges in Chicago Over Decision Upholding Handgun Bans  
December 20 Chicago U.S. Attorney's Office Collected $99 Million in Civil and Criminal Debts and Forfeiture Actions in Fiscal Year 2010  
December 17 City Inspector Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Bribery in Probe of Crooked Permits  
December 16 U.S. Seizes Nearly 11 Tons of Marijuana Aboard Train From Mexico; Seven Defendants Arrested At Chicago Heights Storage Site Complaint
December 15 Former Hoffman Estates Man Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison for Producing, Transporting and Possessing Child Pornography  
December 14 Residential Property Development Company Owner Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Defrauding Bank of Over $5 Million  
December 14 Three Defendants Facing Federal Drug Charges in Chicago Among 15 Extradited From Mexico in Past Week Complaint
December 10 Former Canopy Financial Co-founder Pleads Guilty to $75 Million Investment Fraud and $18 Million Misappropriation From Custodial Heath Care Expense Accounts of 1,600 Customers Plea Agreement
December 8 Former Paint Manufacturing Chemist Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison for Stealing Trade Secrets Valued Up to $20 Million  
December 7 Former Elmwood Park Bank Vice President Sentenced to 63 Months in Federal Prison for $5.1 Million Fraud Scheme  
November 22 Retired Chicago Police Officer Indicted in RICO Conspiracy With Members of Alleged Drug Distribution Ring Accused of Engaging in Murders, Kidnappings, Robberies and Obstruction of Justice Second Superseding Indictment
November 17 Nearly 100 Alleged Traveling Vice Lords Street Gang Members and Associates Facing State or Federal Narcotics Charges Complaint
November 17 Three Owners of Bankrupt Sunrise Equities Accused of Cheating Hundreds of Investors in $43 Million Ponzi and Bank Fraud Scheme Superseding Indictment
November 10 Former Chicago White Sox Executive and Two Former Scouts for Sox in Latin America Indicted for Allegedly Obtaining Illegal Kickbacks From Players' Signing Bonuses Indictment
November 3 Northwest Suburban Man Allegedly Swindled $5 Million From Approximately 150 Victims in Investment Fraud Scheme Information
October 28 Seven Defendants Arrested on Federal Charges Related to Selling Fake Identification Documents in Chicago's Little Village Francisco Castillo Complaint

Porfirio Alvarez-Cortez Complaint

Jorge Castillo & Jorge Castillo-Arroyo Complaint

Jesus Castillo-Luciano Complaint

Juan Castillo-Santos Complaint

Jacobo Velasquez Complaint

October 27 Forex Trader in Florida Pleads Guilty to Fraud That Resulted in $2.3 Million Loss for Investors Over Two Years Plea Agreement
October 26 U.S. Attorney's Office to Conduct Election Day Monitoring

Election Day Hotline: (312) 469-6157
October 18 Podiatrist Charged With Evading More Than $500,000 in Federal Income Taxes on $1.8 Million in Wages and Inheritance Income Indictment
October 15 West Suburban Businessman Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud; Agrees to Pay Restitution to IRS and Various Employee Benefit Funds Plea Agreement
October 14 Libertyville Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Cheating Some 100 Victims of More Than $9 Million in "Ponzi" Scheme  
October 14 Retired Head of Operating Engineers Local 150 Sentenced for Illegally Obtaining Equipment for His Maryland Buffalo Farm  
October 14 Owner of Suburban Adult Entertainment Clubs Charged With Obstructing IRS in Collecting Taxes on Diverted Cash Receipts Information
October 8 Small West Suburban Water District Placed in Hands of Court-Appointed Receiver After U.S. Sues Over Loan Default  
October 7 Mt. Prospect Man Arrested for Allegedly Operating $12 Million "Ponzi" Scheme That Promised Hefty Returns to 70 Investors Complaint
October 6 West Chicago Man Sentenced to Nine Years in Federal Prison for Possessing Child Pornography  
October 5 Three Men Indicted in Alleged Home Repair Fraud Scheme Targeting Elderly Victims on City's South and West Sides Indictment
September 30 Heroin and Cocaine Supply Networks, Street Gang Drug and Gun Sales Targeted in Three Separate Investigations Resulting in State and Federal Charges Against 55 Defendants
September 30 Chicago Man Indicted for Allegedly Attempting to Provide Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization Indictment
September 29 Former Area Physician Agrees to $20 Million Settlement With U.S. Covering Civil False Claims Allegations By Whistle-Blower Settlement
September 24 Pair Indicted in Investment Fraud Scheme for Allegedly Misusing $12 Million of $30 Million Raised From 70 Investors Indictment
September 23 City Inspector Convicted of Bribery in Probe of Crooked Permits  
September 20 U. S. Sues Bridgeport Couple and Their Realtors for Refusing to Sell Home to African-American Family Complaint
September 17 Broadview Man Indicted in Alleged Murder-for-hire Plot After Being Arrested for Illegal Possession of a Handgun Complaint

September 17 Former Merrillville FBI Technician Indicted for Allegedly Embezzling More Than $30,000 in Evidence Indictment
September 16 U.S. Charges 19 Alleged 2-6 Street Gang Members and Associates With Cocaine Distribution and Marijuana Growing Complaint
September 15 Suburban Man Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison After Hundreds of Victims Lost More Than $30 Million in 22-year "Ponzi" Scheme  
September 15 Former Small Business Administration Loan Officer Indicted in Alleged Scheme to Profit From Sale of SBA Loans to Relatives Indictment
September 13 West Suburban Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Swindling 75 Victims in $28 Million "Ponzi" Scheme  
September 8 Aircraft Leasing Company, Its Owner, and Six Other Defendants Indicted in Alleged $50 Million Fraudulent Financing Scheme Superseding Indictment
September 1 Former Paint Manufacturing Chemist Pleads Guilty to Stealing Trade Secrets Valued Up to $20 Million Plea Agreement
September 1 Eleven German and Chinese Executives and Six Companies Tied to German Food Conglomerate Indicted on Federal Charges Alleging Global Conspiracy to Illegally Import Chinese Honey Indictment
August 30 Former Owner of Joliet Landfill Charged With Tax Evasion and Failing to Pay More Than $2 Million in Federal Income Taxes Indictment
August 25 North Suburban Man Sentenced to 78 Months in Federal Prison for Investment Frauds Totaling More Than $3.3 Million  
August 23 Chicago Man Convicted of Posing As Federal Official in Scheme to Obtain and Sell Area Properties he Did Not Own  
August 18 Former Coal City Paramedic and Youth Soccer Coach Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Child Sexual Exploitation  
August 17 Far North Suburban Man Charged With Cheating Two Dozen Investors of $3.7 Million in Alleged Ponzi-scheme Information
August 13 Internet Radio Talk Show Host Hal Turner Convicted of Threatening Three Federal Appeals Court Judges in Chicago Over Decision Upholding Handgun Bans  
August 12 U.S. Charges 26 Alleged Street Gang Members, Associates and Drug Suppliers in West Side Heroin Distribution Conspiracies Complaint
August 11 Former Elmwood Park Bank Vice President Pleads Guilty to $5.5 Million Fraud Scheme Plea Agreement
August 11 Former Area Physician Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for $13 Million Health Care Fraud  
August 4 Chicago Man Arrested for Attempting to Provide Material Support to a Terrorist Organization  
July 22 Seven Defendants Indicted in Alleged $35 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Involving More Than 120 Residences in the Chicago Area Indictment
July 15 24 Defendants Indicted for Allegedly Participating in Conspiracy to Claim More Than $2.3 Million in False Federal Tax Refunds Indictment

July 14 Alleged Leader of Little Village Identification Document Fraud Ring Extradited From Mexico to Face Racketeering and Murder Conspiracy Charges in Chicago  
June 28 Former Midway Airport Customs Officer Indicted for Allegedly Receiving $52,000 in Bribes From Restaurant Employees Indictment
June 17 17 Defendants Charged in Seven Separate Mortgage Fraud Cases As Part of Nationwide Operation Stolen Dreams  
June 11 Former Miami Area Man Convicted of Traveling From Chicago to Thailand to Engage in Illicit Sex With Minor Boys  
June 10 Nine Defendants Charged in Chicago in "Project Deliverance;" More Than 40 Kilograms of Heroin and 8 Kilos of Cocaine Seized  
June 1 U.S. Charges 11 Chicago Area Defendants With Fraudulently Obtaining Unemployment Insurance Benefits Totaling $255,000  
May 27 U.S. Indicts Ohio Man and Two Foreign Residents in Alleged Ukraine-based "Scareware" Fraud Scheme That Caused $100 Million in Losses to Internet Victims Worldwide Indictment
May 13 U.S. Announces Comprehensive, Cooperative Agreement With Cook County Board and Sheriff to Remedy Violations and Ensure Constitutional Rights of Inmates At Cook County Jail Complaint

Agreed Order
May 10 Chicago Police Officer Charged With Lying to FBI Agents About Bribes for Promising to Fix Police Board Cases Complaint
May 6 Long Grove Man Arrested on Federal Charges for Allegedly Fraudulently Obtaining Bank Loan Resulting in $2.4 Million Loss Complaint
May 6 Former West Suburban Man Indicted on Federal Charges in 2006 Pipe-bombing At Hinsdale Metra Station Indictment
April 28 Memphis Area Man Indicted for Causing MF Global to Lose $141 Million on Unauthorized Trades of Wheat Futures Contracts At Chicago Board of Trade in 2008 Indictment
April 26 Operators of Bensenville Temporary Labor Firms Charged With Hiring Illegal Aliens to Provide Workers in Suburban Warehouses Information
April 15 Three Chicago Are Men Indicted in Alleged Conspiracy to Rob Bulk Cash Belonging to Bank in West Suburban La Grange Indictment
April 13 Chicago Interior Decorator Pleads Guilty to Federal Income Tax Fraud Resulting in $211,000 Tax Loss Plea Agreement
April 13 South Suburban Contractor Charged With Under-reporting Nearly $2.5 Million in Income and Failing to Pay More Than $1.5 Million in Federal Individual and Corporate Taxes Information
April 12 Skokie Man Charged With Participating in Alleged Conspiracy to Claim False Federal Tax Refunds Totaling More Than $2 Million Complaint
April 1 Honey Importer Arrested for Allegedly Conspiring to Evade U.S. Import Duties for Chicago Office of German Food Distributor Complaint
March 26 Chicago Man Charged With Providing Material Support to Al Qaeda By Attempting to Send Funds Overseas Complaint
March 18 Chicago Resident David Coleman Headley Pleads Guilty to Role in India and Denmark Terrorism Conspiracies Plea Agreement
March 17 Two Executives of Aircraft Leasing Companies Indicted in Alleged Commercial Bribery Scheme; One Facing Tax Charges Indictment
March 12 Rudolph Fratto, Alleged Self-described Member of Chicago Mob, and Second Man Indicted in Bid-rigging Scheme At Mccormick Place Indictment
March 11 Chiropractor and Physician Among Three Defendants Indicted in Alleged $1 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme Indictment
March 8 Retired Head of Operating Engineers Local 150 Charged With Illegally Obtaining Feeder for His Maryland Buffalo Farm Information
March 4 North Suburban Businessman Sentenced to 5 Years in Federal Prison for Cheating on Federal Taxes Over 10 Years  
March 3 Former Suburban Dentist Sentenced to 17½ Years in Federal Prison for Receiving Child Pornography  
March 2 Berwyn Businessman Arrested on Federal Illegal Gambling and Tax Fraud Charges; Added As Eighth Defendant in New Indictment Superseding Indictment
March 1 Second Canopy Financial Co-Founder Added to New Federal Charges Alleging $75 Million Investment Fraud and $19 Million Misappropriation From Clients' Custodial Heath Care Accounts Information
February 24 Evanston Man Charged With Transporting Child Pornography Complaint
February 24 Uptown Bar Owner Sentenced to Year and a Day in Federal Prison for Cheating on Income and Payroll Taxes  
February 18 Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Extradited From Mexico Arrives in Chicago to Face Federal Drug-trafficking Charges  
February 5 North Suburban Hair Salon Owner Charged With Filing False Federal Corporate Income Tax Return Information
February 4 United States v. Blagojevich, et al. Second Superseding Indictment Government's Filing Regarding Second Superseding Indictment
Fact Sheet
February 4 Azteca Supply, Its Owner and Her Husband Indicted for Alleged Minority Contract Fraud, Including Two O'Hare Projects  
January 25 U.S. Attorney's Office to Conduct Election Day Monitoring Election Day Hotline: (312) 469-6157  
January 14 Chicagoans Tahawwur Rana and David Headley Indicted for Alleged Roles in India and Denmark Terrorism Conspiracies; Ilyas Kashmiri and Retired Pakistani Major Charged in Denmark Plot Superseding Indictment
January 13 Suburban Massage Parlor Owner and Associate Arrested for Allegedly Extorting Thousands of Dollars From Female Worker Complaint
January 13 Barge Captain and Marine Company Indicted in Fatal 2005 Explosion That Discharged Slurry Oil in Chicago Canal Indictment
January 7 Chicago Man Sentenced to 55 Years in Federal Prison for Enticing Minors to Engage in Sexual Activity  
January 7 Chicago Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison for Possesion of a Handgun and Crack Cocaine  
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