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December 29 West Suburban Investment Advisor Charged With Causing 10 Clients to Lose More Than $4.26 Million in Fraud Scheme Information
December 22 U.S. Obtains Injunction Against Triple A Services After Alleging Unsafe Food Production Practices  
December 19 Chicago Man Sentenced to Twelve Years in Federal Prison for Transporting, Receiving and Possessing Child Pornography  
December 15 Twin Brothers Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Scheme to Defraud Sprint  
December 14 Director and Board Member of Beacon Street Gallery Charged With Stealing $400,000 in Federal Education Grant Funds  
December 8 Two Lawyers Among Four Defendants Convicted of $9.2 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme After Nine-week Federal Trial  
December 8 Former Chicago Options Trader Sentenced to 44 Months in Prison for Investment Fraud Scheme  
December 7 Former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Corruption in Office  
December 5 Two Men Indicted in Series of Alleged Armed Robberies in 2010 Indictment
December 2 Former High School Custodian Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Transporting and Possessing Child Pornography  
December 2 Area Man Indicted in Alleged Escape and Armed Bank Robbery in 2009 Indictment
December 1 Des Plaines Man Indicted for Allegedly Manufacturing Child Pornography and Crossing State Line to Molest a Minor Indictment
November 30 Downers Grove Contractor Sentenced to a Year and a Day in Prison for Hiding $864,000 Skim From Federal Tax Returns  
November 21 Chicago Man Convicted of Sex Trafficking Minors  
November 17 Former Lake Shore Asset Management Director Sentenced to 20 Years for Defrauding 900 Investors in $294 Million Scheme  
November 16 Chicago U.S. Attorney’s Office Collected $142.6 Million in Civil and Criminal Actions in Fiscal Year 2011  
November 16 Twenty Defendants, Including Five Allegedly Tied to the Zetas Cartel, Indicted on Federal Narcotics Charges Indictment
November 14 Two Former Secretary of State Road Test Examiners Indicted for Allegedly Accepting Cash Bribes to Guarantee Passing Test Indictment
November 11 Seven Krahl Construction Executives and Employees and Two Others Indicted in Alleged Billing Fraud and Kickback Scheme Indictment
November 10 Aurora Man Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for 2009 Shooting Spree While Illegally Possessing a Firearm  
November 9 Brothers Convicted in Home Repair Fraud Scheme That Targeted Elderly Victims on City’s South and West Sides  
November 3 Des Plaines Man Charged With Transporting Child Pornography  
November 3 Two Dozen Members and Associates of Belizean Bloods Street Gang Facing Federal Narcotics and Passport Fraud Charges Johnson Complaint

Flowers Complaint
November 1 Dolton Police Officer Arrested on Federal Civil Rights and Obstruction Charges Involving Alleged Use of Excessive Force Indictment
October 31 Former Suburban Man Added As a New Defendant in Indictment Alleging $105 Million “Ponzi” Scheme Involving 400 Victims Indictment
October 27 Suspended Physician Facing Federal Charges of Attempting to Distribute Prescription Drugs in Exchange for Sex Complaint
October 21 Former Financial Executive of St. Xavier University Pleads Guilty to Stealing More Than $850,000 From School Over a Decade Plea Agreement
October 17 U.S. Seizes Food At Warehouse in Streamwood After Alleging Rodent Infestation Complaint
October 13 Former Small Business Administration Loan Officer Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison for Undisclosed Sale of Loans to Relatives  
October 13 Former Citadel Employee Arrested for Theft of Financial Firm’s Trade Secrets Complaint
October 3 Attorney and Former Edgewater Hospital Owner Indicted for Allegedly Lying and Obstructing Justice to Impede U.S. and Bank Efforts to Collect Judgments Totaling More Than $188 Million Indictment
September 28 Former Cme Group Software Engineer Indicted for Theft of Globex Computer Trade Secrets While Allegedly Planning Business to Improve Electronic Trading Exchange in China Indictment
September 23 Suburban Man Charged With Transporting Child Pornography Complaint
September 19 Former City Inspector Convicted of Taking Bribes to Help Obtain State Food Sanitation Certificates for More Than 500 Individuals  
September 13 Long Grove Man Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Financing Fraud Scheme Resulting in $3 Million Loss  
September 8 President of Former Suburban Car Dealership Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison for Defrauding Customers and Lenders  
September 7 Four Chicago Area Defendants Charged in Nationwide Medicare Fraud Strike Force Takedown; Three Others Charged With Defrauding Private Health Insurers Natale Indictment

Ferrell/Woods Indictment

Mattson/Paul/Patel Indictment

Canastra Information
September 2 Suburban Tobacco Store Owner Sentenced to More Than Six Years in Prison for $5.45 Million State and Federal Tax Fraud  
September 1 Former Condo-Hotel Developer Arrested on Federal Charges Alleging Evasion of More Than $1.75 Million in Income Taxes Indictment
August 30 Former Midway Airport Customs Officer Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison for Receiving Bribes From Restaurant Employees  
August 30 Channahon Village President Charged With Failing to File Federal Individual and Corporate Income Tax Returns Information
August 26 Father Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison, Following Eight-year Terms Imposed on Son and Daughter, for Their Roles in $10 Million Affinity Fraud Scheme That Swindled 2,000 Victims  
August 25 Former Merrillville FBI Evidence Technician Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison for Lying About Stealing Nearly $80,000  
August 24 Director of Defunct Lake Shore Asset Management Pleads Guilty to Defrauding 900 Investors in $294 Million Fraud Scheme Plea Agreement
August 23 Nine Alleged Members and Leader of Gaylords Gang Faction in Addison Charged With Illegally Possessing or Selling Firearms Battaglia Complaint

Rand Complaint

Grace Complaint
August 18 Former South Holland Man Sentenced to 17½ Years in Prison for Directing $35 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Involving More Than 120 Residences in the Chicago Area  
August 15 Iranian National Sentenced to 51 Months in Prison for Plot to Illegally Export Missile Components and Radio Tests Sets to Iran  
August 12 Aurora Physician Indicted for Engaging in Alleged Health Care Fraud Scheme and Federal Income Tax Fraud Indictment
August 11 Former Crestwood Water Officials Indicted for Allegedly Falsifying Reports to Conceal Village's Use of Underground Well to Supplement Drinking Water Supply Indictment
August 4 United States Sues City of Joliet to Preserve Affordable Housing for Low-income Residents, Mostly African-American Complaint
August 4 Tinley Park Couple Indicted for Allegedly Illegally Dispensing Controlled Substances to Patients At South Suburban Weight Loss Centers; Cheating IRS of Nearly $750,000 in Taxes Indictment
August 3 Former Wheeling Resident Sentenced to 70 Years in Federal Prison for Producing and Possessing Child Pornography  
August 2 Former Head of Chicago Distribution Cell of La Familia Mexican Drug Cartel Sentenced to 40 Years in Federal Prison  
August 2 Fourteen Defendants Charged in New Phase of Undercover Mortgage Fraud Probe Involving Homes in Englewood Area Shogbuyi Complaint

McMahon Complaint

Hayes Complaint
August 1 Former Chicagoan Sentenced to More Than 18 Years in Prison for $65.8 Million Tax Fraud; Obtained $10.2 Million in IRS and State Tax Refunds While Directing Ring From Israel  
July 27 North Suburban Man Indicted in Alleged Fraud Scheme Involving $4 Million Raised From 50 Investors in Sleep Disorder Businesses Indictment
July 25 Michigan Man Charged With Federal Sex-trafficking of a Minor Complaint
July 20 Northwest Suburban Man Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Swindling $5 Million From 150 Victims in Investment Fraud Scheme  
July 20 U.S. Arrests Owners of Home Health Care Business and Suspended Podiatrist on Charges Alleging Medicare and Visa Fraud Complaint
July 15 Former Forex Trader Extradited From Peru to Face Charges of Swindling $5 Million From 400 Victims in Trading Fraud Scheme Indictment
July 14 Former Stickney Fire Lieutenant Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Possessing and Distributing Child Pornography  
July 14 Former North Chicago School Board Member and Transportation Director Among Five Defendants Indicted for Alleged Roles in $800,000 Kickback Scheme Involving Student Busing Contracts Indictment
July 11 Former Miami Area Teacher Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Traveling to Thailand to Engage in Illicit Sex With Minor Boys  
June 30 Former Cbot Member and Floor Trader Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Defrauding Customers Out of More Than $2 Million  
June 29 Operator of Two Home Health Care Businesses Indicted in Alleged $20 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Indictment
June 23 Waukegan Grocer and Wife Indicted for Allegedly Defrauding U.S. Food Stamp and Nutrition Programs of More Than $500,000 Indictment
June 22 Thirty-eight Alleged Members, Suppliers and Customers of Chicago-based Interstate Narcotics Ring Facing Federal Charges Blount Complaint I

Blount Complaint II

Blount Complaint III

Mixon Complaint

Motino Complaint

Serrano Complaint

June 14 Former Bartlett Man Sentenced to 40 Years in Federal Prison for Sexually Molesting Infant During Live Streaming Online Video  
June 9 Chicago Businessman Tahawwur Hussain Rana Guilty of Providing Material Support to Terror Group and Supporting Role in Denmark Terrorism Conspiracy  
June 9 Former Federal Prison Chaplain Indicted for Allegedly Illegally Passing Messages for Convicted Killer Frank Calabrese, Sr., and Attempting to Transfer Calabrese’s Hidden Property Indictment
June 3 Five Defendants Indicted in Alleged $15.7 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme to Help Finance Failed North Shore Development Indictment
June 1 Barbados Man Indicted for Allegedly Obtaining More Than $10 Million By Filing Hundreds of Fraudulent Federal Tax Returns Indictment
May 31 Iranian National Pleads Guilty in Plot to Illegally Export Missile Components and Radio Tests Sets to Iran Plea Agreement
May 13 Former Plainfield Man Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Transporting Child Pornography  
May 10 Two Suburban Men Allegedly Obtained $16 Million From 300 Investors in Fraudulent Real Estate Investment Scheme Complaint
April 29 Four Defendants Indicted for Alleged Roles in Sham Minority Cable Business That Obtained $8.3 Million From City Cable Provider Indictment

April 27 Chiropractor Sentenced to 70 Months in Federal Prison for Defrauding Workers Comp and Other Insurers of $1.4 Million  
April 25 Mundelein Man Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Possessing Child Pornography  
April 15 Downers Grove Contractor Charged With Filing False Federal Income Tax Returns Indictment
April 8 Suburban Chicago Man and Californian Indicted for Allegedly Swindling Investors in a $5 Million Fraudulent Financing Scheme Indictment
April 7 One Current and Three Former Chicago Police Officers, Once Assigned to Disbanded Elite SOS Unit, Charged With Federal Civil Rights Violations Finnigan & Herrera Information

Olsen Information

Delbosque Information
April 7 Latin Kings’ Nationwide Leader, Augustin Zambrano, and Three Other High-ranking Gang Members Convicted of Rico Conspiracy and Related Crimes in Federal Trial  
April 6 Two Tax Preparers Charged in Separate Indictments With Preparing More Than 20 False Federal Tax Returns L. Ingram Indictment

H. Ingram Indictment
April 6 Owner of River North Art Gallery and Two Others Indicted for Allegedly Producing And/or Selling Counterfeit Fine Art Prints Indictment

April 4 Former Villa Park Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Transporting Child Pornography  
March 25 U.S. Attorney's Office to Monitor Chicago Aldermanic Election Election Day Hotline: (312) 469-6157  
March 22 Disbarred Chicago Lawyer Guilty in Federal Mortgage Fraud Case  
March 10 Chicago Man Sentenced to More Than 24 Years for Drug Distribution and Weapons Charges  
March 10 Former U.S. Probation Office Employee Charged in Fraud  
March 7 Country Club Hills Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Mortgage Fraud  
February 24 Bluecross Blueshield of Illinois to Pay $25 Million to Settle Civil Medicaid Fraud Claims Settlement Agreement
February 23 Attorney Indicted for Defrauding Clients Seeking Help Saving Their Homes From Foreclosure Indictment
February 17 Honey Importer Indicted on Federal Charges Alleging International Conspiracy to Illegally Import Honey From China to Avoid U.S. Import Duties Indictment
February 16 Fourteen Area Defendants Charged in Eight Separate Federal Health Care Fraud Cases Carr Complaint

USOH Indictment

Bugayong & Woo Complaint

Bugayong & Woo Affidavit

Howard Indictment

Orillo Indictment

Hammerman Information

Chhibber Complaint

Chhibber Affidavit
February 16 Chicago Options Trader Allegedly Swindled More Than $600,000 in Investment Fraud Scheme Complaint

February 14 U.S. Attorney's Office to Monitor Chicago Mayoral Election Election Day Hotline: (312) 469-6157  
February 11 Former Trader Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Defrauding the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Causing a Loss of $364,000  
February 11 Suburban Man Allegedly Swindled $105 Million From Approximately 400 Victims in Investment Fraud Scheme Indictment
February 10 Two Defendants Indicted for Allegedly Defrauding More Than 250 Victims in $2 Million Fraud Scheme Indictment
February 10 Oak Brook Man Sentenced to 71 Months for Tax Fraud  
February 4 Owner of Suburban Adult Entertainment Clubs Sentenced to 12 Months in Jail and Six Months Home Confinement for Federal Tax Offenses  
January 28 Chicago Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison for Illegal Possession of a Handgun  
January 28 U.S. Jury Convicts President of Former Suburban Car Dealership for Scheming With Two Others in Fraud on Customers and Lenders  
January 20 Chicago Man Handed 7½ Years in Prison for Posing As Federal Official in Scheme to Transfer Area Properties He Did Not Own  
January 19 Former Beauty School Owners Pay U.S. Nearly $5 Million to Settle Civil Claims; Joseph Cannella Sentenced to Probation for Attempting to Obstruct Federal Investigation  
January 18 Former Chicago Hedge Fund Manager Allegedly Swindled More Than $3.5 Million From 48 Victims in Investment Fraud Scheme Complaint
January 14 "Expediter" Who Cooperated in Federal Corruption Probe of City Building Permits Sentenced to Three Years Probation  
January 14 Marvin Berkowitz Pleads Guilty to $54 Million Tax Fraud Conspiracy; Directed Ring From Israel in Obtaining $4.5 Million in Refunds Using Names of Federal Prisoners and Deceased Persons Plea Agreement
January 14 David J. Hernandez Sentenced to More Than 16 Years in Prison for Swindling More Than 250 Investors of $6.4 Million in Ponzi-Scheme  
January 12 Six Defendants Indicted in Alleged $15 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Involving More Than 40 Residences in the Chicago Area Indictment
January 6 Brunt Bros., Its Owner and Non-Minority Contractor Indicted for Alleged Minority Contract Fraud on City Sewer Work Indictment
January 5 Three Defendants Indicted for Allegedly Defrauding More Than 50 Victims in $4 Million Fraud Scheme Indictment
January 5 Owner of Business That Claimed to Provide Psychotherapy Services to Medicare Patients Pleads Guilty to $1.25 Million Fraud Plea Agreement
January 5 Self-Proclaimed White-Supremacist William White Convicted of Soliciting Violence Against Hale Jury Foreman  
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