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2012 News and Press Releases

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December 21 Former Watertower Physician Indicted in Alleged $3.5 Million Health Insurance False Billing Scheme; Nurse Charged With Making False Medical Reports Indictment
December 20 Owner of Former South Suburban Home Health Care Business Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for $2.9 Million Medicare Fraud  
December 18 Former Postal Carrier Sentenced to 2½ Years in Prison for Stealing Mail Containing $275,000 in Donations to Charity  
December 14 Suburban Man Sentenced to 50 Years in Federal Prison for Producing and Receiving Child Pornography  
December 13 Former Mexican Hotel Operator Pleads Guilty in First Stage of Resolving $500 Million Scheme to Defraud Thousands of U.S. Investors in Sales of Promissory Notes and Time-Share Leases Plea Agreement
December 13 Aurora Man Convicted of Sexual Contact With Female Passenger Aboard Airline Flight to Chicago  
December 11 Memphis Area Man Admits Causing MF Global to Lose $141 Million on Unauthorized Trades of Wheat Futures Contracts At Chicago Board of Trade in 2008 Plea Agreement
December 11 Chicago Man Sentenced to Nearly 10 Years in Prison for Planning Travel to Somalia to Join Al-Shabaab in Jihad Combat  
December 10 Suburban Chiropractor Sentenced to 6½ Years in Prison for Defrauding Blue Cross of Nearly $5.9 Million in False Claims  
December 6 Chicago U.S. Attorney’s Office Collected $31.3 Million in Civil and Criminal Actions in Fiscal Year 2012  
December 5 Thirteen Defendants Indicted for Alleged Roles in Scheme to Obtain More Than $2.5 Million From Stolen Corporate Checks Indictment
November 29 Former Chicago Police Officer Sentenced to 3½ Years in Prison for Attempted Extortion in Vehicle Towing Investigation  
November 29 Lashawn Ford, Illinois State Rep., Indicted on Federal Bank Fraud Charges Related to Real Estate Investments Chicago Indictment
November 26 Former Suburban Massage Parlor Operator Sentenced to Life in Prison for Human Trafficking of Four Women  
November 20 Owner of Bankrupt Home Building Company Indicted on Federal Bank Fraud Charges Related to Collapse of Algonquin Project Indictment
November 16 Chicago Police Officer Indicted on Attempted Extortion and Fraud Charges in Vehicle Towing Investigation Indictment
November 15 Chicago Psychiatrist Allegedly Submitted At Least 190,000 False Claims to Medicare and Medicaid; Lawsuit Alleges Kickbacks to Prescribe Antipsychotic Medication for Nursing Home Patients Complaint
November 15 Former Forex Trader Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Trading Fraud Scheme That Caused 343 Investors to Lose $17.6 Million  
November 14 Former Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell Pleads Guilty to Federal Fraud Charge, Admits Stealing $53 Million From City Plea Agreement
November 13 Brothers Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Home Repair Fraud Scheme Involving Elderly Victims on City’s South and West Sides  
November 7 Barbados Man Sentenced to 9½ Years in Prison for Using Stolen Identities to Fraudulently Obtain Tax Refunds  
October 30 U.S. Attorney's Office to Conduct Election Day Monitoring: Election Day Hotline: (312) 469-6157  
October 30 Oak Park Man Pleads Guilty to $48.8 Million Bank Fraud Involving Two Chicago Loop Condominium Projects Plea Agreement
October 26 Two Chicago Area Men Arrested on Extortion-Related Charges Involving Alleged Plot to Abduct and Murder Victim Complaint
October 26 Former Deloitte Partner Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Profiting $420,000 From Insider Trading Involving Firm’s Clients  
October 26 Former Burling Bank Executive Allegedly Stole $3 Million From Bank Over 15 Years; Used Money to Gamble Indictment
October 26 Two Chicago Police Officers Indicted on Attempted Extortion Charges in Vehicle Towing Investigation Zoller Indictment

Page Indictment
October 25 Two Chicago Area Defendants Charged With Commodities Fraud in Separate Federal Criminal Cases Indictment

October 24 North Suburban Accountant Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Clients and Area Bank of More Than $1.8 Million Plea Agreement
October 19 Couple Indicted for Defrauding State Child Care Assistance Program Through Cicero Day Care Centers Indictment
October 19 Twin Brothers in Russia Indicted on Federal Charges in $7.2 Million Commodities Fraud Scheme Indictment
October 17 Blagojevich Trial Team Recognized By Attorney General Holder At Annual Awards Ceremony  
October 16 Two West Suburban Men to Be Arraigned on Federal Charges in $28 Million Investment Fraud Scheme Indictment
October 15 Eight Self-identified “Boy Lovers” Sentenced to Federal Prison for Child Sexual Exploitation Crimes After FBI Investigation  
October 10 Second Defendant Arrested and Indicted in May 2011 “Nuns On The Run” Armed Robbery of TCF Bank Branch in Palos Heights Indictment
October 4 Chicago Area Dermatologist and Psychologist Charged in Nationwide Medicare Fraud Strike Force Takedown Rinaldi Indictment

Kolbusz Indictment
October 3 Nine Aurora Residents Facing Federal Gun And/or Drug Charges; 10 Others Charged With State Drug or Weapons Offenses  
October 2 Forex Trader Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Defrauding 47 Investors of $2.3 Million Over Two Years  
September 28 Thirty-nine Alleged Associates of Two Chicago Area Drug Trafficking Organizations Facing Federal Narcotics Charges Complaint
September 25 Two Owners of Naperville Business Charged With Failing to Report a Total of More Than $22 Million in Income They Shared Complaint
September 25 Owner of Defunct Azteca Supply Co. and Her Husband Sentenced to Federal Prison in Connection With Minority Contract Fraud  
September 25 Nine Defendants, Including Two Owners of a Home Health Care Agency and Two Physicians, Indicted for Allegedly Paying and Receiving Kickbacks for Medicare Patient Referrals Indictment
September 24 United States Sues the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association, Alleging Violation of Americans With Disabilities Act for Refusing to Administer Epilepsy Medication Complaint
September 21 Lake County Attorney Arrested on Fraud and Obstruction Charges; Allegedly Bribed Witness in Probe of Misusing Bankruptcy Clients’ Credit Cards Complaint
September 20 Eleven Defendants Charged With Distributing Multi-kilogram Amounts of Heroin or Cocaine Following DEA-led Investigation Guadarrama Complaint

Vigil Complaint

Macedo Complaint

Beltran Complaint

Trujillo Complaint

Contreras Complaint
September 19 Former CME Group Software Engineer Pleads Guilty to Stealing Globex Computer Trade Secrets While Planning Business to Improve Electronic Trading Exchange in China Plea Agreement
September 15 Hillside Man Arrested After FBI Undercover Investigation on Federal Charges For Attempting to Bomb Downtown Chicago Bar Complaint

September 13 Forty-three Alleged Members and Associates of the Latin Kings Street Gang Facing State or Federal Narcotics Charges Rivera Complaint

Cisneros Complaint

Amaya Complaint

Davila Complaint
September 12 Will County Couple Sentenced to Federal Prison Terms for Investment Fraud Scheme That Swindled 40 Victims of $1 Million  
September 11 Three Defendants Arrested for Allegedly Transporting Minor Girls From Iowa to Chicago to Enage in Prostitution Complaint
September 7 Father and Son Operators of Elgin Adult Entertainment Club and Internet Gambling Business Sentenced to Prison Terms for Concealing More Than $4.6 Million of Income From the IRS  
September 5 Chicago Area Surgeon Sentenced to 10 Months in Custody for Making False Statements About Services and Medicare Benefits  
September 4 Elgin Roofing Company President Captured After Allegedly Eluding Arrest for Nearly Two-weeks Following Indictment for Allegedly Defrauding Supplier of More Than $1.8 Million Indictment
August 30 Former Chief Information Officer for Chicago-based International Law Firm Arrested for Allegedly Engaging in At Least $850,000 Fraudulent Billing Scheme Complaint
August 29 Suburban Chicago Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Stealing Motorola Trade Secrets Before Boarding Plane for China  
August 29 Former City Inspector Sentenced to 2½ Years in Prison for Taking Bribes to Help More Than 500 Individuals Obtain State Food Sanitation Certificates  
August 24 Longtime Gangster Disciples Leader Victor Thompson Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for 10-year Drug Distribution Conspiracy  
August 20 Career Fraudster Sentenced to 11 Years in Federal Prison for Swindling the U.S. Treasury and Illinois Child Care Program  
August 16 Former U.S. Postal Carrier Pleads Guilty to Possessing More Than 29,400 Pieces of Stolen Mail Containing More Than $275,000 in Charity Donations Intended for Delivery on His Berwyn Route Plea Agreement
August 13 Three Nurses, Including Two Owners of a Home Health Care Agency, and the Company Among Six Defendants Indicted in Alleged Conspiracy Involving Kickbacks for Medicare Patients Indictment
August 8 Former Deloitte Partner Pleads Guilty to Illegally Profiting $420,000 From Insider Trading Involving Firm’s Clients Plea Agreement
August 6 New Breeds Gang Leader Dana Bostic Sentenced to 38 Years in Federal Prison for Controlling Violent Heroin Trafficking  
August 2 Former Cook County Official Charged With Steering Contracts Under $25,000 in Return for Kickbacks Indictment
July 30 Chicago Man Pleads Guilty to Planning Travel to Somalia to Join Al-Shabaab Terrorist Organization in Jihad Combat Plea Agreement
July 27 Two Suburban Men Sentenced to Federal Prison Terms in Unrelated Child Pornography Cases  
July 26 U.S. Grand Jury Indicts Former Cook County Commissioner, Former Chicago Alderman, and Six Others in Alleged Corruption Schemes Barta, et al Indictment

Moreno, et al Indictment
July 26 California Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Illegally Export Missile Components to Iran  
July 25 William Mastro and Two Other Executives of Former Mastro Auctions Indicted for Allegedly Defrauding Bidders in Online and Live Auctions of Sports Memorabilia and Other Collectibles Indictment
July 24 Seven Defendants, Including Three Loan Originators, Indicted in Alleged $8.5 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Indictment
July 18 Two Cook County Board of Review Analysts Charged With Accepting $1,500 Bribe to Facilitate $14,000 Property Tax Reduction Complaint
July 17 Seven Defendants Charged With Bribery Conspiracy to Obtain Fictitious Federal Grants As Part of FBI Undercover Investigation Complaint
July 13 Former Cook County Official Charged With Scheming to Falsify Documents for State Review of Federally-funded Jobs Program Complaint
July 12 Chicago Physician Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Health Care Fraud Involving Unnecessary Patient Tests  
July 12 Two Chicago Lawyers Among Four Defendants Sentenced to Prison for Roles in Multi-million Dollar Mortgage Fraud Scheme  
July 11 Former Chairman of Failed Western Springs Bank Pleads Guilty to Concealing Personal Interest in Loans From U.S. Regulators Plea Agreement
July 2 Four Defendants, Including Realtor and Loan Originators, Indicted in Alleged $9.1 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Indictment
June 28 Former Cook County Commissioner, Former Chicago Alderman and Five Businessmen Charged in Three Alleged Bribery Schemes Barta/Medrano Complaint

Moreno/Medrano Complaint

Moreno Complaint
June 27 Owners of Two Chicago Home Health Care Agencies and Three Doctors Among 10 Charged in Alleged Medicare Kickback Schemes Indictment
June 27 Postal Service Vendor Sentenced to Nine Months in Federal Prison for Fraud Scheme Involving Truck Washing Soap  
June 25 Gary S. Shapiro to Become Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois  
June 20 Raghuveer Nayak, Owner of Area Surgery Centers, Charged With Fraud and Tax Offenses for Allegedly Paying Physicians Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Bribes for Patient Referrals Indictment
June 14 Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to Preparing More Than 500 False Federal Tax Returns, Causing Tax Loss of More Than $2.8 Million Plea Agreement
June 7 Chicago Man Sentenced to 7½ Years in Prison for Attempting to Provide Funds to Support Al Qaeda in Pakistan  
June 7 U.S. Indicts 10 Defendants Arrested for Allegedly Trafficking Millions of Unstamped, Untaxed Cigarettes in Undercover Sting Shaikh Indictment

Othman Indictment

Al Sakhleh & Al Qaisi Indictment

El Matari Indictment

Alvi & James Indictment

Jaber & Abueid Indictment

June 7 Nineteen Defendants Charged With Alleged Roles in Narcotics Rings That Supplied and Distributed Powder and Crack Cocaine Complaint
June 6 Chicago Man Indicted for Allegedly Causing 15 Investors to Lose Approximately $600,000 in Ponzi-Type Fraud Scheme Indictment
June 4 Attorney Among Four Defendants Indicted in Alleged $16.2 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Involving At Least 35 Residential Loans Indictment
June 1 CEO and Head Trader of Bankrupt Sentinel Management Indicted in Alleged $500 Million Fraud Scheme Prior to Firm’s 2007 Collapse Indictment
May 31 Chicago Investment Advisor Accused of Defrauding Suburban Bank and Two Clients of More Than $3.2 Million Indictment
May 30 Joliet Man Arrested on Arson and Civil Rights Charges for Allegedly Setting Fire to Home of African-American Family Indictment
May 23 U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald to Step Down Summary of Selected Matters, September 2001 - May 2012
May 17 Chicago Area Surgeon Convicted At Federal Trial of Making False Statements Relating to Health Care Benefits and Services  
May 16 Chicago Man Sentenced to Three Years in Federal Prison for Defrauding Illinois Department of Employment Insurance  
May 10 Three Defendants Indicted in Alleged $750,000 Mortgage Fraud Scheme Involving Three Residences in Chicago Indictment
May 4 Iowa Man Convicted of Mailing Pipe Bombs and Threatening Letters to Investment Firms in Terror Bid to Raise Stock Prices  
May 3 Seven Defendants Indicted in Alleged $8.8 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Involving 35 Condominium Loans in Chicago Indictment
May 3 Executive Indicted for Allegedly Defrauding Employee Benefit Plans of Public Housing Agencies Nationwide of $8.6 Million Indictment
May 2 Chicago Area Man Charged in $1 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Indictment
May 2 Chicago Investment Advisor Indicted for Allegedly Causing Clients to Lose $1.5 Million in Fraud Scheme Indictment
April 27 Indiana Couple Sentenced to Federal Prison for Staging Violent Phone Calls to Victim in Conspiracy to Extort At Least $54,000  
April 23 Chicago Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Bombing on Crowded Clark Street Near Wrigley Field in September 2010 Plea Agreement
April 19 Four Defendants Indicted in Alleged 2007 Conspiracy to Distribute 110,000 Pounds of Adulterated Mexican Cheese Throughout the U.S. Indictment
April 18 Boss of Fraudulent Identification Document Ring Based in Chicago’s Chinatown Sentenced to 81 Months in Federal Prison  
April 18 Fifteen Defendants Indicted for Alleged Roles in Scheme to Use More Than 80 Fictitious Companies to Defraud Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Agencies of $8.7 Million Indictment
April 11 Fourteen Defendants Facing Federal or State Charges Involving Cocaine Sales in Lake County’s Round Lake Beach Area Complaint
April 10 State Rep. Derrick Smith Indicted on Federal Bribery Charge Indictment
April 9 Chicago Man Arrested on Federal Charges Alleging Forced Sex-Trafficking of Four Victims, Including Two Minors Indictment
April 2 Three Family Owners of Chicago Candy Business Charged With Filing False Federal Income Tax Returns Information
March 26 Crest Hill Man Convicted of Distributing Child Pornography During Undercover FBI Investigation of “Boy Lovers”  
March 22 Cicero Man Arrested on Federal Arson Charge Involving Fatal Fire At West Lawn Apartment Building in January Complaint
March 15 South Suburban Restaurant Owner Indicted for Allegedly Filing False Tax Returns By Concealing Than $2.2 Million in Cash Receipts Indictment
March 14 BCI Aircraft Leasing, Inc., and Its Owner, Brian Hollnagel, Convicted in $50 Million Fraudulent Financing Scheme  
March 14 Physician Who Operated South Side Medical Clinic Convicted of Health Care Fraud Involving Unnecessary Patient Tests  
March 13 State Rep. Derrick Smith Arrested on Federal Bribery Charge Complaint
March 13 Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to Federal Tax Fraud Charges, Admitting Tax Revenue Loss of Approximately $232,000 Plea Agreement
March 12 U.S. Attorney's Office to Conduct Election Day Monitoring  
March 7 Two Doctors and Four Nurses Among 11 New Defendants Added to Case Alleging $20 Million Home Health Care Fraud Conspiracy, Medical Kickbacks, Money Laundering, and Income Tax Evasion Superseding Indictment
February 24 U.S. Jury Convicts Street Gang Leader of Federal Drug Charges  
February 23 Cook County Commissioner William Beavers Indicted on Federal Tax Charges for Allegedly Failing to Pay Taxes on Campaign Funds and County Expense Account Used for Personal Purposes Indictment
February 22 McHenry County Land Owner to Give 104 Acres of Wetlands to Fox Waterway Agency and Pay U.S. $15,000 to Settle Clean Water Suit  
February 17 Hoffman Estates Couple Indicted on Tax Charges for Allegedly Evading Federal Taxes on More Than $1.6 Million of Income Indictment
February 16 West Suburban Man Sentenced to 35 Years in Federal Prison for Producing and Transporting Child Pornography  
February 15 Two Former Canopy Financial Co-founders Sentenced to 15 and 13 Years in Prison for $75 Million Investment Fraud and Raiding $18 Million From Custodial Heath Care Expense Accounts of 1,600 Customers  
February 14 Two Area Contractors Charged With Fraud Involving Minority and Women Set-asides for Government Construction Contracts Perino Complaint

Cappello Information
February 13 Chicago Police Sergeant and Officer Charged With Stealing $5,200 From Individual They Believed Was Transporting Drug Proceeds  
February 9 Chicago Woman Allegedly Illegally Obtained More Than $425,000 in False IRS Tax Refunds and Social Security Benefits Indictment
February 8 Suburban Chicago Woman Convicted of Stealing Trade Secrets From Motorola Before Attempting to Travel to China  
February 6 Chicago Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Provide Funds to Support Al Qaeda in Pakistan Plea Agreement
February 2 Two Principals of Collapsed Foreign Currency Trading Firm Sentenced to Federal Prison for $17 Million Fraud Scheme  
February 2 Operators of Elgin Adult Entertainment Club and Alleged Internet Gambling Business Charged With Concealing More Than $4 Million of Income From the IRS Information
January 31 Retired Chicago Police Officer and Four Others Convicted of Drug Distribution Conspiracy After Two-month Trial Alleging Murders, Kidnappings, Robberies and Obstruction of Justice  
January 30 Former Suburban Massage Parlor Operator Convicted of Human Trafficking of Four Women  
January 23 Former CIA Officer John Kiriakou Charged With Disclosing Covert Officer’s Identity and Other Classified Information to Journalists and Lying to CIA’s Publications Review Board Complaint
January 20 Former Chicago Lawyer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Mortgage Fraud Involving At Least 102 Fraudulent "Bailouts"  
January 18 North Suburban Accountant Accused of Defrauding Clients and Area Bank of More Than $2 Million Indictment
January 11 Streamwood Man Sentenced to 6½ Years in Prison for Selling Stolen Merchandise Over the Internet  
January 11 Latin Kings’ Nationwide Leader, Augustin Zambrano Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison for RICO Conspiracy and Related Gang Crimes  
January 10 Skokie Company Fined $150,000 for Illegally Exporting African Elephant Ivory and Other Protected Wildlife Parts Used in Making Billiard Cue Sticks Plea Agreement
January 6 Chicago Man Accused of Mailing Threatening Letters Containing False Information About Bombing Targets Across the U.S. Indictment
January 5 Ohio Man Charged With Swindling More Than $300,000 in Advance Fees From Churches and Small Businesses in Loan Fraud Scheme Indictment
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