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2013 News and Press Releases

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December 17 Three Defendants Indicted for Allegedly Swindling 54 Victims of $220,000 in Fees in Mortgage “Rescue” Fraud Scheme Indictment
December 12 Two Chicago Real Estate Executives Indicted on Federal Fraud Charges Involving City Tif Notes and Bank Loans Indictment
December 10 U.S. Jury Convicts Bolingbrook Man of Sex Trafficking Four Victims, Including a Minor  
December 9 Government Intervenes in False Claims Lawsuit Against Ipc the Hospitalist Company, Alleging Overbilling of Physician Services  
December 4 Ranking Midlothian Police Officer Charged With Federal Civil Rights Violations Involving Alleged Use of Excessive Force Indictment
November 27 Nine Defendants, Including Title Company Owners and Lawyers, Indicted in Two Separate Mortgage Fraud Schemes Kouvelis Indictment

Guel Indictment
November 22 Realty Company Owner and Chicago Police Lieutenant Indicted in Connection With Alleged Fraudulent Bank Loan Indictment
November 21 Former Crestwood Water Officials Sentenced for Concealing Village’s Use of Well in Drinking Water Supply  
November 14 Texas Honey Broker Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Avoiding $37.9 Million in Tariffs on Chinese-Origin Honey  
November 13 Former St. Louis Executive of Chicago Area Company Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for $3.9 Million Invoicing Fraud Scheme  
November 13 Cicero Gear Manufacturing Firm Pleads Guilty to Violating Federal Clean Water Act and Agrees to Pay $1.5 Million Fine Plea Agreement
November 12 Joliet Settles U.S. Housing Discrimination Case, Preserves Affordable Housing for Low-Income Residents for 20 Years  
November 12 Weight-Loss Infomercial Pitch-Man Kevin Trudeau Convicted of Criminal Contempt  
November 8 Peru, Ill., Physician Indicted on Federal Charges for Allegedly Illegally Dispensing Presecription Medications Indictment
November 7 Chicago Man Sentenced to More Than 13 Years in Federal Prison for Transporting and Possessing Child Pornography  
October 31 Four Defendants Indicted in Alleged $10 Million Bank Fraud Scheme Involing the Sale of 26 Gas Stations in Four States Ghuman et al Indictment

Kahn Information
October 31 Former Cook County Forest Preserve District Engineer Charged With Accepting $10,000 in Kickbacks From Two District Contracts Indictment

October 30 Belgian Man Charged With Attempting to Illegally Export Aluminum Tubes to Malaysian Front for Individual in Iran Indictment

October 29 Operators and Employee of Schaumburg Home Visiting Physician Group Among Three Indicted in $12 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Indictment
October 29 Two Men Charged With Swindling Victims of Thousands of Dollars in Advance Fees While Failing to Modify Home Loans Complaint
October 28 Two Former Cook County Board of Review Analysts Convicted of Accepting $1,500 Bribe to Facilitate $10,000 Property Tax Reduction  
October 25 Investment Advisor And Real Estate Developer Charged With Causing $5.5 Million Loss To 25 Investors In $9 Million Fraud Scheme Indictment
October 24 Former Elgin Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Federal Prison for Gun and Drug Crimes  
October 23 Owner, Executives and Physcians At Closed Sacred Heart Hospital Indicted in Alleged Medicare Referral Kickback Conspiracy Indictment
October 23 Zachary T. Fardon Takes Oath of Office As U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois  
September 30 Calif. Honey Broker Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Avoiding $39.2 Million in Tariffs on Chinese-Origin Honey  
September 26 Nine Alleged Members of Hobos Street Gang Indicted in RICO Conspiracy for Murders and Other Violent Drug-Related Crimes Indictment
September 25 Ten Defendants Indicted in Alleged $14.5 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme That Resulted in $8 Million Loss to Lenders Indictment
September 25 William Beavers Sentenced for Failing to Pay Taxes on Campaign and County Funds Used for Personal Purposes  
September 24 Nebraska Executive Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Federal Bribery Conspiracy With Former Chicago Alderman  
September 20 Surgery Center Owner Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges, Admits Paying Physicians Bribes and Kickbacks for Patient Referrals Plea Agreement
September 20 Former Dolton Police Officer Sentenced to 75 Months in Prison for Violating Civil Rights of Two Men he Beat With Baton  
September 20 South Holland Man Convicted of Ilegally Dealing Hundreds of Guns He Trafficked From Indiana Gun Shows and Sold in Chicago  
September 18 Former Cook County Official Convicted of Steering Four Contracts Under $25,000 in Return for Nearly $35,000 in Kickbacks  
September 18 H. Ty Warner Charged With Tax Evasion for Allegedly Hiding Funds in Secret Offshore Account With Swiss Bank UBS Information
September 17 Milwaukee Man Charged With Sex-Trafficking a Minor From Wisconsin to Illinois to Engage in Prostitution  
September 12 Two Chicago Area Men, Both Charged With Manufacturing Child Pornogrphy, Arrested in Separate, Unrelated Federal Cases Barreto Indictment

Gabriel Indictment
September 11 Aurora Man Sentenced to Nine Months in Federal Prison for Sexual Contact With Female Passenger Aboard Flight to Chicago  
September 10 Two Men Sentenced to Federal Prison for Fraud in Obtaining City Cable Franchise Subcontracts for Sham Minority Business  
August 29 Chicago Area Man Indicted for Allegedly Obstructing Justice and Soliciting the Murder of an Undercover FBI Agent Indictment
August 29 Ten Defendants Indicted in Alleged $74 Million Vehicle Financing Fraud Scheme Resulting in $56 Million in Losses to Lenders Indictment
August 29 FBI Arrests Suburban Attorney for Allegedly Stealing $2.34 Million in Clients’ Funds From Her Escrow Account Indictment
August 28 Former Commodities Trader Charged With Causing $5 Million Loss To Bank And Others In Alleged $10 Million Fraud Scheme Indictment
August 28 Former Chicago White Sox Executive Sentenced for Taking Kickbacks From Latin American Players’ Signing Bonuses  
August 27 Chicago Accountant Sentenced to 63 Months in Federal Prison for Stealing $4.3 Million From Clients and Cheating IRS  
August 27 Mobile Doctors’ Chicago CEO and Doctor Arrested on Federal Health Care Fraud Charges; Offices Searched in Three Cities Complaint
August 21 Interstate Sex-trafficker Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison for Prosituting Adult and Minor Victims  
August 9 Suburban Man Sentenced to 12½ Years in Federal Prison for Transporting Child Pornography  
August 8 Three Area Men Sentenced to Lengthy Federal Prison Terms Under Project Safe Neighborhoods for Gun Crimes  
August 7 Owner of Addison Seafood Company Sentenced and Fined $100,000 in Federal Court for Mislabeling Frozen Fish and Shrimp  
August 7 Two Former Area Business Owners Sentenced to Prison for Failing to Report More Than $22 Million in Income They Shared  
August 6 Two Chicago Men Accused of Violating U.S. Sanctions By Providing Services to Zimbabwean Officials, Including President Mugabe Complaint
August 1 Fourteen Defendants Facing State or Federal Narcotics or Firearms Charges Alleging Sales of Guns and Drugs in Chicago Cervantes Comlpaint

Lopez Comlpaint

Rincon Comlpaint

Sanchez Comlpaint

July 30 Former St. Louis Executive of Chicago Area Company Pleads Guilty to $3.9 Million Invoicing Fraud Scheme Plea Agreement
July 30 Northwestern University to Pay Nearly $3 Million to the United States to Settle Cancer Research Grant Fraud Claims Settlement Agreement
July 29 Two Defendants Indicted in Alleged Bank Robbery Attempt in Richmond, Ill., During Which Third Suspect Was Fatally Shot Indictment
July 19 Chicago Man Sentenced to 5½ Years in Federal Prison for $2.6 Million Investment Fraud Scheme  
July 19 Suspended Doctor Sentenced for Illegally Dispensing Millions of Pills At Area Weight Loss Clinics, As Well As Tax Evasion With Wife  
July 17 Former Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Stealing Confidential Computer Files From the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Plea Agreement
July 16 Skokie Businessman Sentenced to Federal Prison for Evading $1 Million in Taxes Related to Secret Offshore Swiss Bank Account  
June 27 Suburban Man Sentenced To 10 Years In Federal Prison For Possessing Child Pornography  
June 20 Twenty-three Defendants Charged With Various Roles in Supplying Heroin and Cocaine in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin Complaint
June 17 Former Chicago Alderman and Nebraska Executive Among Three Convicted After Federal Bribery Conspiracy Trial  
June 11 Former Suburban Police Chief and Husband Charged With Hiding Business Income and $500,000 From State Grant in False Tax Returns Information
June 5 Joliet Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Setting Fire in 2007 to Home of Neighboring African-American Family  
June 4 Two Attorneys Among Four Defendants Indicted in Two Separate Mortgage Fraud Schemes Involving South Side Properties Bartlett Indictment

Campanale Indictment
May 30 Chicago Man Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison for Attempted Bombing on Crowded Street Near Wrigley Field in September 2010  
May 30 Former Illinois Prison Guard Charged With Illegally Selling Assualt Rifles and Other Firearms to Cooperating Former Inmate Complaint
May 23 Former Lake County Man Sentenced to More Than Six Years in Prison for $1.6 Million Investment Fraud Scheme  
May 21 Iowa Man Sentenced to 37 Years in Prison for Mailing Pipe Bombs and Threats to Investment Firms in Bid to Raise Stock Prices  
May 20 Retired Chicago Police Officer Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Role in Violent Drug Distribution Conspiracy  
May 20 McHenry Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening US Embassy Officials in Serbia and Serbians in Chicago Over Visa Dispute Complaint
May 14 Federal Medicare Fraud Strike Force Charges Chicago Area Defendants With Defrauding Medicare and Other Health Insurers Ibrahim Information

Ahluwalia Complaint

Lamon Information

Dickson Complaint

SelectCare Indictment

May 10 Chicago Police Officer Convicted of Attempted Extortion for Steering Vehicle Tows From Accident Scenes to Driver  
May 9 Dolton Police Officer Convicted of Civil Rights Violations for Using Excessive Force With Baton  
May 6 Taiwanese Father and Son Arrested for Allegedly Violating US Laws to Prevent Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Alex Tsai Complaint

Gary Tsai Complaint
May 6 Four Defendants Sentenced to Prison Terms Between Five and 10 Years in Three Investment Fraud Schemes  
May 2 Ex-loan Officer Sentenced to 12½ Years in Prison for Mortage Fraud Scheme Involving Dozens of South Side Properties  
May 2 Crest Hill Man and His Sister Indicted for Allegedly Conspiring to Illegally Buy Firearms in Missouri and Ship Them to Illinois Superseding Indictment
April 30 Three Fraud Defendants Who Met in Prison Sent Back to Serve New Sentences in $3.6 Million Ponzi Scheme  
April 29 Crestwood Official Convicted of Falsifying Reports to Conceal Village’s Use of Well in Drinking Water Supply  
April 25 Chicago Man Arrested for Allegedly Taking Cash to Assist With Filing False Bankruptcy Case to Avoid City Auto Impound Fees Complaint
April 22 FBI Arrests Suburban Chicago Man for Allegedly Supporting Terrorism Overseas Complaint
April 18 Fifth Sacred Heart Hospital Physician Arrested For Allegedly Illegally Prescribing Hydrocodone To A Patient Complaint
April 18 Suspended North Side Pharmacist Indicted For Allegedly Smuggling And Trafficking Counterfeit Viagra Indictment
April 17 U.S. Sues Cook County and County Pension Fund to Enforce the Employment Rights of Army Reserve Member Complaint
April 16 Tennessee Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Causing MF Global to Lose $141 Million on Unauthorized Futures Trades  
April 16 Sacred Heart Hospital Owner, Executive and Four Doctors Arrested in Alleged Medicare Referral Kickback Conspiracy Complaint
April 15 Chicago Leader of Romanian-Based Conspiracy That Obtained $1.6 Million in False Tax Refunds Sentenced to 85 Months in Prison  
April 8 Addison Seafood Company and Its Owner Resolve Civil and Criminal Charges of Mislabeling Frozen Fish and Shrimp Bruno Information

Gourmet Express Consent Decree

Gourmet Express Complaint

April 5 Federal Tax Prosecutions Serve As Reminder to Taxpayers to Comply With Tax Obligations As April 15 Deadline Approaches  
April 3 Chicago Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing Bank Teller During Robbery in 2007  
March 25 Former Condo-Hotel Developer Arraigned After Being Extradited From Italy on Federal Tax Evasion Charge Indictment
March 22 Four Chicago Men Sentenced to Lengthy Federal Prison Terms for Gun and Drug Crimes  
March 7 Former Chicago Bears Player and Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy Charged Separately With Failing to File Federal Tax Returns Zorich Information

Pamon Information
March 7 Former Markham Deputy Police Chief Arrested on Federal Civil Rights Charge Alleging Aggravated Sexual Abuse Indictment
March 5 Brothers and Hit-Man Convicted of RICO and Murder Conspiracies Involving Little Village False Identification Document Ring  
March 4 Chicago Investment Advisor Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Causing Clients to Lose $1.6 Million in Fraud Scheme  
February 27 West Suburban Man Convicted of Federal Gun Charge  
February 27 Black P Stone Nation “General” Sentenced to 20 Years in Federal Prison for Narcotics and Gun Crimes  
February 27 Skokie Business Owner Charged With Tax Evasion for Allegedly Hiding Funds in Secret Offshore Account With Swiss Bank UBS Information
February 26 Former Commodities Broker Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Fraud Causing Half-Dozen Clients to Lose $1.3 Million  
February 25 Waukegan Grocer Sentenced to 2½ Years in Prison for Defrauding U.S. Food Stamp and Nutrition Programs of More Than $844,000  
February 22 Seventeen Defendants Facing Federal Narcotics or Firearms Charges Alleging Nexus of Guns and Drugs in Chicago Chaparro et al Indictment

Valencia Cuevas Indictment

Chaparro and Mendez Complaint

Arguijo Complaint
February 20 Two Companies and Five Individuals Charged With Roles in Illegal Honey Imports; Avoided $180 Million in AntiDumping Duties Groeb Farms Information

Groeb Farms DPA

Murphy and Honey Holding Information

Honey Holding DPA

Murphy Plea Agreement

Yang Information

Tran Information

Lin Indictment

Couture Indictment
February 20 Former Des Plaines Police Commander Charged With Making False Statements About DUI Arersts in Federal Funding Reports Information
February 20 White-Supremacist William White Sentenced to 42 Months in Prison for Soliciting Violence Against Hale Jury Foreman  
February 19 Former Chairman of Western Springs Bank Sentenced to Prison for Concealing Personal Interest in Loans From U.S. Regulators  
February 12 Two Former Krahl Construction Executives Sentenced to Prison Terms for Billing Fraud and Kickback Scheme  
February 11 Latin Kings’ Second-In-Command Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for RICO Conspiracy and Related Gang Crimes  
February 11 Two Defendants Indicted in Alleged Sham Marriage Conspiracy to Illegally Enable Legal U.S. Residence Indictment
February 7 East Chicago Detective Indicted in Alleged Private Security Ghost-Payroll Scheme Indictment
February 7 MCC Guard Indicted for Allegedly Taking Bribes to Violate Prison Rules Regarding Inmate Possession of Contraband Indictment
January 28 Former Chicago Police Officer Charged With Attempted Extortion of Tow Truck Driver and Selling Guns to Felon Information
January 28 Suburban Chicago Lawyer Who Hosts National Radio Talk Show Indicted in $9.7 Million Mortgage Fraud Schemes Indictment
January 24 Disbarred Chicago Lawyer Surrenders After More Than Six Years on the Run; Allegedly Skipped Prison Term Indictment
January 24 David Coleman Headley Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison for Role in India and Denmark Terror Plots  
January 23 Three Chicago Men Indicted in Series of Violent Robberies of Retail Stores and Businesses Last Year in Chicago Indictment
January 23 32 Chicago Area Defendants Allegedly Obtained Nearly $874,000 in Fraudulent Unemployment Insurance Benefits  
January 18 Joliet Man Pleads Guilty to Setting Fire in 2007 to Home of Neighboring African-American Family Plea Agreement
January 18 Former Chicago Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for $8 Million Investment Fraud and $1.5 Million Tax Fraud  
January 17 North Suburban Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for $4 Million Fraud of 50 Investors in Sleep Disorder Businesses  
January 17 Tahawwur Rana Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Supporting Pakistani Terror Group and Terror Plot in Denmark  
January 11 Former Law Firm IT Chief and Contract Employee Vendor Indicted in $4.8 Million Billing Fraud and Kick-back Scheme Indictment

January 11 Chicago Man Pleads Guilty to Bringing Minor to Illinois for Prostitution; Admits Forced Sex-trafficking of Four Victims Plea Agreement

January 8 Doctor and Wife Guilty of Tax Evasion; Millions of Amphetaminebased Pills Illegally Dispensed At Area Weight Loss Clinics Meena Anand Plea Agreement

Rakesh Anand Plea Agreement
January 7 Twelve Defendants Indicted for Alleged Roles in Scheme to Obtain More Than $1 Million From Counterfeit Checks Indictment
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