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                Hammond, Indiana - United States Attorney David Capp announced a Criminal Complaint charging fourteen individuals alleging drug trafficking was unsealed today. 


            The Complaint charges the following individuals with conspiracy to distribute over 500 grams of cocaine and/or over 100 kilograms of marijuana:


·         Jose Patlan, 37, of Logansport, Indiana

·         Jose Nambo, 31, of St. Anne, Illinois

·         Lynn Little, 42, of West Lafayette, Indiana

·         Andres Garcia, 55, of Hoopeston, Illinois

·         Guillermo Patlan, 38, of Milford, Illinois

·         Nora Guardiola, 34, of Sheldon, Illinois

·         Joseph Gibbs, 33, of Kokomo, Indiana

·         Eric Arnold, 39, of Macy, Indiana

·         Brock Crowe, 36, of Delphi, Indiana

·         Jeremy Dyer, 30, of Iroquois, Illinois

·         Christopher Calisto, 40, of Twelve Mile, Indiana

·         Dale Marshall, 53, of Logansport, Indiana

·         Laef Wade, 51, of Logansport, Indiana

·         Robert Duff, 50, of Delphi, Indiana


            Jose Patlan was also charged with an additional charge of distribution of controlled substances which contained cocaine and/or marijuana.  


            An investigation of cocaine and marijuana trafficking in the Logansport area began in the spring of 2012. Law enforcement executed search warrants and arrest warrants in Cass County, Indiana and the adjoining area for individuals involved in the ring.  In addition to the fourteen people arrested on federal charges, nine people were arrested on state charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.


            All of the defendants will have their initial appearances before Magistrate Judge Christopher Nuechterlein today at 2 PM.


            This case is being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office, the Cass County Sheriff’s Department, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, the Illinois State Police and the Indiana State Police.  The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Frank Schaffer.



The United States Attorney's Office emphasized that a Complaint is merely an allegation and that all persons charged are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court.


 If convicted in court, any specific sentence to be imposed will be determined by the judge after a consideration of federal sentencing statutes and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.