Community Outreach - Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes (MIAAHC)


The Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes (MIAAHC) is created by authority of the President of the United States to the Department of Justice, United States Attorneys’ Offices, and the Governor of the State of Michigan to the Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner and the Department of Civil Rights.

MIAAHC is a statewide coalition of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, civil rights organizations, community-based groups, educators and anti-violence advocates working to ensure a complete and effective response to hate crimes and bias incidents. MIAAHC provides information and resources that assist local hate crime coordinating units (Community Response Systems) engage specific community partners in education and prevention initiatives. MIAAHC is composed of a Steering Committee and five Subcommittees, each with a specific response component.

MIAAHC is committed to the support of victims and assists communities, organizations and groups to identify, combat and eliminate hate crimes and bias incidents within the State.

Hate crimes and bias incidents are motivated by prejudice and hatred and pose a unique danger to our society. These acts affect the fundamental rights of the victim and the victim’s group or perceived group. Perpetrators of hate crimes and bias incidents perform acts of hatred to make the victim feel violated, depersonalized and isolated, and deprive individuals of their sense of security and self-worth. Such incidents can be particularly devastating not only because of the significant cost to the victim but also because of the polarizing affect that such incidents have on a community.

Steering Committee: The U.S. Attorneys from the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, the chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, and the Chair of its Hate Crime Committee are permanent members and serve as the MIAAHC co-chairs. The Steering Committee is empowered to review the application for membership by MIAAHC member organizations, law enforcement, civil rights organizations, community-based groups, educators and anti-violence advocates, which support the mission and will work toward the common good of MIAAHC.


Data Collection and Trend Analysis: Mission is to work toward the collection of information regarding hate crimes and bias incidents within Michigan.

Education and Public Information: Mission is to educate Michigan residents regarding hate crimes and how to assist victims.

Law Enforcement and Training: Mission is to train law enforcement officers regarding hate crimes and how they should be investigated.

Community Response: Mission is to assist in establishing local community response systems.

Victim Support: Mission is to work toward the facilitation of resources for victims of hate crimes.
Annual Conference.

To provide a community-based, unified response to hate crimes and bias incidents, MIAAHC began hosting MI Response to Hate in September of 2007, an annual statewide conference that brings together individuals from law enforcement, civil rights organizations, anti-violence organizations, victim service agencies, and educational institutions. This Conference provides an avenue for participants to gain knowledge about current national trends, innovative response strategies, best practices for working with victims of bias incidents, and successful prevention programs, as well as build a statewide network of resources.

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