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Violent Crime Strike Force

The Violent Crime Strike Force Unit operates within the Criminal Division of the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Missouri.

The Violent Crime Strike Force Unit's responsibilities include the investigation and prosecution of traditional organized crime. Additionally, the Attorney General has charged the unit with the responsibility for prosecuting Asian organized crime and the criminal activities arising from the independent states of the former Soviet Union. The Strike Force plays an significant role in the investigation process. The unit utilizes electronic surveillance and sophisticated investigative techniques.

The Strike Force is responsible for coordinating investigations and prosecutions in all categories of violations related to and involving the following criminal organizations:

This list of targeted organizations reflects the expansion of the Department of Justice's Organized Crime Program in recent years to comport with the Attorney General's directive to include cases involving Russian and Asian organized crime in the Department's Organized Crime Program. It is also clear, however, that not every case, or even a significant number of cases, involving individuals with Eastern European/Russian or Asian backgrounds, will involve "organized crime." In the areas of Eastern European/Russian and Asian organized crime, law enforcement's intelligence base is growing and evolving. Thus, the understanding of what constitutes "organized crime" in these areas can be expected to change in the coming years.

The Strike Force's focus is on "criminal enterprises," that is, criminal groups that reflect the type of structure, range and continuity consistent with "organized crime." In this connection, emphasis will be given to groups with significant interstate and international connections, as opposed to those that operate solely within the Western District of Missouri. Criminal activities that are a) primarily local in nature, b) interstate in nature but do not involve group activity consistent with "organized crime," or c) are sporadic, will ordinarily fall outside the responsibility of the OC Division.

The Strike Force handles all types of violations committed by members and associates of these crime groups. Accordingly, the Strike Force prosecutors work with investigators from many federal and state law enforcement agencies. If you believe that you are a victim of organized criminal activities or that you have information about organized criminal activities, please call the United States Attorney's Office, Organized Crime Strike Force (816) 426-2771 or the appropriate investigative agency, such as the Missouri office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

To report a crime, call the Kansas City office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at (816) 512-8200.

To contact the Violent Crime Strike Force Unit, call 1-800-733-6558, or locally in Kansas City call 816-426-3122.