May 9, 2012

Statement from U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman on Jennifer Mahoney:

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“Today, Jennifer Mahoney admitted that she sexually abused a five-year old girl entrusted to her care and then shared recordings of that abuse over the Internet,” said U.S. Attorney Fishman.  “This horrible crime is a stark example of how harmful ‘child pornography’ is, and how its young victims bear not just the physical and emotional scars of violent sexual assault, but lifelong trauma as others repeatedly watch.  Those like Mahoney, who create and feed the market, perpetuate unimaginable suffering for the children they abuse.”

Manalapan, n.J., woman pleads guilty to sexually abusing girl, streaming assault live over the internet

May 9, 2012

Statement from U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman on Joseph Bigica:

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“Today, Joseph Bigica admitted he cheated the United States of millions in taxes and by intentionally skirting campaign finance laws,” said U.S. Attorney Fishman.  “By putting assets and political contributions in the names of others, Bigica spent millions on a luxury lifestyle and illegally funneled nearly $100,000 to a federal campaign while claiming he didn’t have the money to pay his taxes.  By deceiving two government agencies at once, he sought to illegally influence a national election while shirking his responsibilities as a taxpayer.”

Bergen county insurance broker admits failing to pay taxes, making illegal donations to federal campaign

April 26, 2012

Statement from U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman on two Taiwanese nationals charged with conspiring to export sensitive U.S. military technology to China:

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“The initial investigation by the FBI and our office into counterfeit good importation led federal law enforcement to a methamphetamine trafficking operation and then to an alleged plot to export some of America’s most sensitive weapons and related technology to China.  The charges against Shen and Chang illustrate starkly why we do this work, and what is at stake when the security of our ports is breached for any reason.  National security is not an a la carte enterprise.  The same conduits that allow knockoff sneakers to flood our communities also allow illegal drugs to come into our countries and establish dangerous criminal relationships that can go even further.”

Two taiwanese nationals charged with conspiring to export sensitive u.S. military technology to china

December 13, 2011

Statement from U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman on Orange MRI:

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“It is illegal for doctors to take cash in exchange for sending patients for medical tests.  Patients have every right to expect their doctors will recommend medical service providers because they do the best job, not because they provide the best bribes.  There is no room in the federal healthcare system for those who see a person in need of care as an opportunity to make an extra buck on the side.”

Fourteen new jersey health care providers arrested, charged with taking cash payments for patient referrals

September 23, 2011

Statement from U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman on C. Tate George:

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"According to the complaint, George capitalized on his notoriety as a former basketball player to take advantage of unsuspecting victims, including fellow professional athletes.  By dangling the prospect of easy money with claims that turned out too good to be true, George betrayed the trust that accompanied his on-the-court success."

former nBA player and cEO of the george group charged in ponzi scheme

April 6, 2011

Statement from U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman on the insider trading charges against Garrett Bauer and Matthew Kluger:

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"According to the Complaint, the defendants exploited Kluger’s access to sensitive, confidential information to make trading profits a sure thing. This kind of cheating corrodes confidence in our markets and swindles those who play by the rules. A hub of corporate headquarters, technological expertise and infrastructure, New Jersey houses the wiring of Wall Street and some of the biggest names in industry. Despite Bauer and Kluger’s attempts to thwart law enforcement, our coordinated work has ensured they will not get away with committing fraud in our backyard."

attorney and trader arrested, charged with trading on inside information stolen from three preeminent law firms

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