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News and Press Releases

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November 02

Marc Dreier Co-Conspirator Kosta Kovachev Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charges In Manhattan Federal Court

November 03

Accountant For Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Fraud And Tax Charges

November 04

United States Charges 53 Members Of Bronx Heroin And Crack Cocaine Trafficking Rings - Coordinated Multi-Agency Law Enforcement Strike In "Operation Rotten Apple" Shuts Down Vast Drug Operations In Two Public Housing Projects In The Bronx

Former Professional Football Player Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Bankruptcy Fraud

Ex-Pepsico Executive Arraigned In White Plains On Embezzlement Charges

November 05

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges 14 Defendants With More Than $20 Million In Insider Trading

Charging Documents - Charged Defendants Include Hedge Fund Managers, Trading Firm Executives, Lawyers, and Corporate Insiders; Five Already Have Pleaded Guilty To Insider Trading Charges

Ex-NYC Police Commissioner Kerik Pleads Guilty To Eight Felonies

November 06

United States Attorney Charges Queens Immigration Advisor For Immigration Fraud

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Former Hedge Fund Manager For Insider Trading Scheme That Made Over $7 Million In Unlawful Profits

Manhattan Federal Jury Finds Cocaine Kingpin Guilty On Narcotics Importation And Distribution Charges

White Plains Federal Judge Orders Remedy In Port Chester Voting Rights Case

November 09

Co-Conspirator To Marc Dreier Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Selling $44.7 Million Ficititious Note

United States Returns Ancient Bible That Was Expropriated By Nazis To The Jewish Community Of Vienna

Media Company Owner Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Stealing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In City Funds From NYC-TV

November 10

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Former Chief Trader And Cfo Of Manhattan Hedge Fund With Stealing Over $1 Million

Accomplice Of Former UBS Investment Banker Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Insider Trading

Connecticut Investor Frederic Bourke Sentenced To Prison In Manhattan Federal Court For Scheme To Bribe Government Officials In Azerbaijan

November 12

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Files Civil Action Seeking Forfeiture Of Alavi Foundation's Interest In Fifth Avenue Office Tower Controlled By Iran

Former NYPD Officer Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To 78 Months In Prison For Armed Bank Robbery

November 13

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Two Former Computer Programmers For Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC With Conspiracy And Falsifying Books And Records

November 17

U.S. Charges 43 Members Of Westchester Cocaine Trafficking Organization

November 19

U.S. Finds Statoil Successfully Fulfills Obligations Under Deferred Prosecution Agreement

November 23

Former Employee Of Art Collector Charged In Manhattan Federal Court With Scheme To Sell Stolen Andy Warhol Artwork

Arkansas Lawyer Sentenced To 86 Months In Prison For Stealing Over $9 Million In Client Funds

November 24

Three Principals Found Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court For $18 Million Real Estate Securities Fraud Scheme

Large-Scale New York City Marijuana Trafficker Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Manhattan Real Estate Developer Sentenced To Five Years In Prison In $27 Million Mortgage Fraud

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges New York City Employee For Theft Of Welfare Recipients' Birth Certificates

November 25

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Immigration And Customs Enforcement Employee With Awarding Government Contracts To His Own Companies

Bronx Man Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To 116 Months In Prison For Massive Identity Theft And Credit Card Scheme Targeting Dentists

November 30

Federal Investigation Finds Conditions At Westchester County Jail Violate Constitutional Rights Of Inmates

Former Owner Of Petrocelli Electric Company Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To Three Months In Prison For Making Illegal Payments To Union Official

Former Owner/Operator Of Manhattan Sewing Company Pleads Guilty To Payroll Tax Violations















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