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Instructions For Witnesses

You must call a Victim-Witness Staff Person at 1-800-320-0682 (Buffalo) or 1-800-799-6033 (Rochester) to make any necessary travel arrangements for you. Airfare and Hotel Arrangements are pre-paid by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. You will be given your flight itinerary information and hotel accommodation by the Victim-Witness Staff Person. Unless otherwise indicated, we will make every effort to get you in and out in the same day, however, we can not guarantee this. For trials, witnesses are usually scheduled to arrive the day before they testify in order to give the Assistant U.S. Attorney plenty of time to go to meet with you prior to your testimony. If you have any special travel concerns, or need special assistance, please let the Victim-Witness Staff Person know as soon as possible so that she may make the necessary arrangements.

Airline Tickets, Hotel Accommodation, and Transportation to/from Airport

The tickets will be under your name at the designated airline ticket counter. You will need to show identification The hotel is within walking distance of the Courthouse and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The reservation will be under your name and you will need to show identification to check in. We pay for the room only. The hotel will require a $20 deposit from you to cover room service and/or phone calls. Transportation from the airport to the hotel, Courthouse or U.S. Attorney’s office – You will need to take a taxi ($25-30 fare) which will be reimbursed to you.


Witnesses will receive the following reimbursements. You MUST supply receipts for taxis, parking and toll charges.

1. Witness Fee
You will be receive $40 for each day you are required to be in court or attending a pre-trial interview (this includes travel days for out of town witnesses). You will NOT be reimbursed for lost wages.

2. Transportation
For local witnesses - You will be reimbursed round trip mileage to the Courthouse and/or U.S. Attorney’s Office and parking. For out-of-town witnesses - You will be reimbursed round trip mileage to/from the airport, plus parking or taxi expenses. All witnesses who incur tolls or parking expenses will be reimbursed for those as well. You must supply parking, taxi & toll receipts. Rental Cars are NOT reimbursable.

3. Meal Allowance
You will receive $21.00 for each travel day and $42.00 for full days between travel days. You do NOT have to supply food receipts. If you travel to court and return home the same day, you will NOT receive a meal allowance.

Before your departure, you will be given a Witness Voucher to sign. This authorizes our office to reimburse you your expenses. You will be given a postage-paid envelope to mail your receipts to our office. Please write your name on all receipts. Once we have received your receipts, we process your voucher for payment. An ATM card will be mailed to you from the U.S. MARSHAL’S SERVICE approximately 2 WEEKS AFTER your departure date. Please see the Coming to Court tab for more detailed information regarding the court and testimony process.

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