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United States Attorney

William J. Hochul, Jr.


United States Attorney Secretary

Karen A. Brown

716-843-5700 ext. 836

First Assistant U.S. Attorney

James P. Kennedy, Jr.

716-843-5700 ext. 892

Branch Assistant
U.S. Attorney In Charge and Deputy Criminal Chief, Rochester Office

Bret A. Puscheck

585-263-6760 ext. 2232

Chief, Criminal Division

Joseph M. Guerra III

716-843-5700 ext. 824

Chief, Civil Division

Mary Pat Fleming

716-843-5700 ext. 867

Chief, Fraud and Corruption Section, Buffalo Office

Trini E. Ross

716-843-5700 ext. 805

Acting Chief, General Crimes Section, Buffalo Office

Michael DGiacomo

716-843-5700 ext. 885

Chief, General Crimes Section, Rochester Office

Richard A. Resnick

585-263-6760 ext. 2241

Chief, Narcotics and Organized Crime Section, Buffalo Office

Timothy C. Lynch

716-843-5700 ext. 846

Deputy Chief, Narcotics and Organized Crime Section, Buffalo Office

Michael L. McCabe

716-843-5700 ext. 829

Chief, Narcotics and Organized Crime Section, Rochester Office

Brett A. Harvey

585-263-6760 ext. 2249

Chief, Appeals Unit

Joseph J. Karaszewski

716-843-5700 ext. 837

Chief, Asset Forfeiture Financial Litigation Unit

Richard D. Kaufman

716-843-5700 ext. 871

Deputy Chief, Asset Forfeiture Financial Litigation Unit

Kevin D. Robinson

716-843-5700 ext. 804

Senior Litigation Counsel

Anthony M. Bruce

716-843-5700 ext. 886

Senior Litigation Counsel

Mary K. Roach

716-843-5700 ext. 866

Administrative Officer

Amy L. Smith

716-843-5700 ext. 826

Public Information Officer

Barbara J. Burns

716-843-5700 ext. 817

Supervisory Paralegal Specialist

Lori Pietrzykowski

585-263-6760 ext. 2228

Supervisory Legal Assistant

Karen S. Barone

716-843-5700 ext. 865

Supervisory Legal Assistant

Kea D. Rusch

716-843-5700 ext. 857

Victim Witness Coordinator

Sharon M. Knope

716-843-5700 ext. 828

Law Enforcement Coordinator

Samuel M. Palmiere

716-843-5700 ext. 842

Chief, Computer Technology Division

Cynthia M. Dilick

716-843-5700 ext. 894

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