9:00AM COP Hearing  | Davis, Courtroom 6A
AUSA LOWE – U.S. v. Juan Dionisio Noba-Rosario
Criminal Number 13-32
Reentry After Deportation

10:00AM Suppression Hearing  | Schiller, Courtroom 13-B
AUSA Linehan – U.S. v. Anthony Robinson
Criminal Number 13-232
Interstate Commerce Robbery/Firearms

2:00PM Hearing Regarding Counsel  | Brody, Courtroom 7B
AUSA Wright – U.S. v. Jucontee T. Woewiyu
Criminal Number 14-50
Fraudulently attempting to obtain citizenship; fraud in immigration documents; false statements in relation to naturalization; perjury

3:00PM Guilty Plea Hearing  | Pratter, Courtroom 10B
AUSA MARINARI – U.S. v. Wayne Christopher Morgan
Criminal Number 14-419
Passport fraud.

3:30PM Hearing re: notice from defense counsel of possible irreconcilable differences  | Slomsky, Courtroom 5C
AUSA Stark (for Alicia Freind) – U.S. v. Joseph Meehan
Criminal Number 11-440
Drug Trafficking