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Project Save Neighborhood

Drug Education For Youth (DEFY): The U.S. Attorney’s Office serves as the liaison between the local military installation and community organizations for the DEFY program. DEFY is an innovative program that was developed by the Department of the Navy to reinforce positive values and teach important skills to youth aged 9 - 12. The program provides information about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and teaches important life skills to help youth resist drug use and grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive adults.

DEFY has two phases. In Phase I, youth attend summer camp at a military base where, over the course of several days, they learn important skills such as setting goals, avoiding violent conflicts and drug resistance. Phase II begins each year in the fall, coinciding with the beginning of the school year. In Phase II each child is paired with a mentor who works with them throughout the school year to accomplish their goals. Mentors are volunteers from both active and reserve military as well as the local law enforcement community.









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