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Archived 2011 Press Releases

Press Releases Issued 2012


The Northern District of Texas does not issue Press Releases for all court filings and this site is not an official record of proceedings. Please contact the Clerk of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas for official copies of documents and public information.


FEB 2012      
FEB 21, 2012 OSORIO, Ranferi; MORRISON, Kelvin Leon; and CARBAJAL, Luis Sentencing
Three Dallas men sentenced on federal firearms convictions
FEB 17, 2012 SPARKMAN, James Armstrong Guilty Plea
(L. Miller/Dallas)
Garland, Texas, man pleads guilty to federal child pornography offense
FEB 16, 2012 LOCKHART, Eugene J., et al. Convictions
Ten defendants in mortgage fraud scheme, led by former Dallas Cowboy Eugene Lockhart and co-defendant William Tisdale, are convicted
FEB 16, 2012 AZARYAN, Allen Guilty Plea
Bank robber pleads guilty
FEB 15, 2012 DICKEY, Eric Matthew Sentencing
(Wolfe/Fort Worth)
Fort Worth man sentenced to 151 months and $1,247,238 restitution for running investment fraud scheme that targeted elderly
FEB 15, 2012 CHAPMAN, Holli Guilty Plea
(L. Miller/Dallas)
Dallas woman admits using her cell phone to take and send photographs of a 6-year-old child engaged in sexually explicit conduct
FEB 15, 2012 FEASTER, Kerry Wayne Guilty Plea
Howard County, Texas, man pleads guilty to child pornography offense
FEB 10, 2012 WEIRICH, Timothy J. Guilty Plea
(Wolfe/Fort Worth)
Boy Scout den leader/karate instructor pleads guilty to child pornography offense
FEB 10, 2012 TARTAN, Scott Guilty Plea
Red Oak, Texas, man pleads guilty to child porn offense - child porn discovered on his cell phone that he left at a gas station
FEB 9, 2012 MAY, Alan Todd Sentencing
Dallas businessman sentenced to 20 years for running oil and gas Ponzi scheme
FEB 9, 2012 RICHARDSON, Thomas W. Sentencing
Fmr IRS employee sentenced to nearly 9 years on theft of governemnt property and aggravated ID theft convictions
FEB 9, 2012 ALFARO, Gary Equiluz Sentencing
Dallas man sentenced to 12 years for role in 30-kilo cocaine distribution conspiracy
FEB 8, 2012 YATES, Jason Heath Indictment
Grand jury indicts convicted violent felon for armed assault on a federal officer and other firearms offenses
FEB 3, 2012 VOLLERS, Kurt Sentencing
Former Dallas Cowboys player sentenced to 30 months in hydroponic marijuana trafficking conspiracy
FEB 3, 2012 ALEXANDER, Lionel and ALEXANDER, Blake Sentencing
Family members sentenced in mortgage fraud case that caused a $1.3 million loss to financial lenders
FEB 3, 2012 BROWN, Kenneth Wayne and BROWN, Leah Michele Conviction
(K. Miller/McKay/Dallas)
Federal jury convicts husband and wife in conspiracy to embezzle from City of Garland, Texas
FEB 1, 2012 NELSON, Kenzie Sentencing
Garland, Texas, man sentenced to 10 years for traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct
FEB 1, 2012 CRONIN, Paul Senencing
Allen, Texas, man sentenced to five years and fined $15,000 for possessing child pornography
JAN 2012      
JAN 31, 2012 GARCIA, Raphael Sentencing
Borger, Texas, resident sentenced to 160 months on meth conviction
JAN 31, 2012 HAMILTON, Keldrick Sentencing
Former letter carrier sentenced to 18 months and $230,000 restitution for stealing workers' comp funds
JAN 30, 2012 GONZALES, Robert Sentencing
Mesquite, Texas, man sentenced to 10 years for possessing child porn
JAN 27, 2012 RODRIGUEZ, Matthew Guilty Plea
Dallas man, with more than 1800 images and 150 videos of child pornography, pleads guilty
JAN 26, 2012 BROWN, Debra Rucker Guilty Plea
Former Executive Director of Children's Advocacy Center of Tom Green County, pleads guilty
JAN 26, 2012 MATA, Ernest Guilty Plea
(L. Miller/Dallas)
Dallas man, with 1000 images and 100 videos of child pornography, pleads guilty
JAN 25, 2012 JACKSON, Terry Don Guilty Plea
(L. Miller/Dallas)
Lancaster, Texas, man pleads guilty to child pornography offense
JAN 24, 2012 ELLIS, Todd Wayne Sentencing
Amarillo man sentenced to 10 years for possessing child pornography
JAN 24, 2012 AMATO, Michael D. Sentencing
Coin dealer sentenced to 60 months for stealing coin collections from senior citizens
JAN 24, 2012 WASHER, Shannon Nicole Sentencing
Borger, Texas, restaurant owner sentenced to 10 months for passing counterfeit currency
JAN 24, 2012 NWAGBARA, Okey F. Guilty Plea
Medical supply company owner pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit health care fraud and immigration offenses
JAN 24, 2012 STEWART, Patricia Sentencing
Chicago woman is sentenced to 60 months for defrauding investors of more than $2 million
JAN 24, 2012 NORMAN, Debbie Regina Guilty Plea
Woman admits robbing Chase Bank in Dallas
JAN 23, 2012 JOVEN, Joven Sentencing
Dallas-area man, who trafficked counterfeit apparel, is sentenced to 18 months and $130,000 restitution
JAN 20, 2012 ALTMAN, Jason Phread, ALTMAN, Jarrod Phread, HARRISON, Emmanuel James, JENKINS, Fread Jamille, and SHINE, Rickel Indictment
Tax preparers and others indicted in tax refund conspiracy
JAN 20, 2012 KORZINEK, Tyler John Guilty Plea
Dallas man pleads guilty to child pornography offense - had more than 700 videos of child pornography
JAN 20, 2012 CHEEK, John Ray Sentencing
Armed bank robber sentenced to nearly 12 years
JAN 19, 2012 BLAIR, Clifford Ralph Guilty Plea
San Angelo, Texas, man pleads guilty to child pornography offense
JAN 19, 2012 STARK, Bradley C. Conviction
Federal jury convicts fraudster - investment scheme involved more than 200 victims and more than $14 million
JAN 19, 2012 DAVIS, Michael, MEACHAM, Daniel Valmer and STEWART, Robert Mark Sentencing
(Jacobo/San Angelo)
Executives at Belvan Corporation pay substantial fines for violating Clean Air Act
JAN 17, 2012 SMITH, Iris Yolanda Sentencing
(Smith/Fort Worth)
Former Fort Worth tax preparer sentenced to four years and more than $100,000 restitution
JAN 12, 2012 APPLE, John Arthur Jr.

Guilty Plea
Another executive convicted in oil and gas investment fraud
JAN 11, 2012 ARCHULETA, Joe Luis Carlos Arrest
Lubbock man allegedly possessed meth when arrested on supervised release violation by USMS
JAN 10, 2012 BLUE, Anthony Guilty Plea
Garland man admits robbing three banks - mother turned son in after visiting
JAN 6, 2012 NORMAN, Megan Lee Sentencing
Lubbock woman sentenced to five years for child sex trafficking conspiracy
JAN 5, 2012 SCHMIDT, Amber Guilty Plea
Woman pleads guilty to child pornography offense - admits sending and texting child pornogrphy on cell phone
JAN 5, 2012 SMITH, Brandon Sentencing
Dallas man involved in East Oak Cliff car crash and shootout sentenced to 15 years on drug and firearms conviction
JAN 5, 2012 FERNANDEZ, Jose Luis; FERNANDEZ, Francisco Villanueva and ESCOBAR, David Guilty Pleas
More Borger, Texas, residents plead guilty in narcotics trafficking case
JAN 4, 2012 HURD, Samuel George III and LUJAN, Toby Complaint
Former NFL player and co-conspirator indicted on cocaine distribution conspiracy charges
JAN 4, 2012 MILAM, Steven Ray Complaint
"Handsome Guy Bandit" charged with armed bank robbery
JAN 3, 2012 VITTITOW, Jonathan Ryan Guilty Plea
Mesquite man, with a 120-gigabyte child porn collection, admits advertising child porn on the Internet