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March 31, 2010

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(HOUSTON) - The last two of four defendants charged with robbery of a Wachovia Bank branch in July 2009 have pleaded guilty, United States Attorney José Angel Moreno announced today.

Jeremy Raye Lincoln, 20, of Arcola, and John Craven III, 19, of Houston, pleaded guilty this morning before U.S. District Judge Nancy Atlas to robbing the Wachovia Bank at 10610 State Highway 6 in Missouri City on July 10, 2009. Yesterday, Kendrick Andrew Green, 19, pleaded guilty to the same robbery charge as did defendant Chris Brown, 19, on March 2. 

On the morning of July 10, Brown drove a stolen white Dodge Intrepid to the Wachovia Bank with Green and Craven as passengers. Lincoln, who served as the lookout for law enforcement, drove separately in a silver Buick Century. The plan was for Green and Craven to enter the bank and, after taking the money, return to the Dodge Intrepid, driven by Brown. The defendants then planned to ditch the stolen Dodge. Lincoln, who would be driving the Buick Century, would thereafter pick up Brown, Green and Craven.

Upon arriving at the bank, Brown stayed in the Dodge Intrepid while Green and Craven went into the bank. Green, wearing a skeleton mask, vaulted the counter and brandishing a .40 caliber pistol, ordered a bank teller to put the money at her station in a blue bag. Green then accompanied the teller to the vault, where the teller was ordered to place more money in the bag. Meanwhile, Craven pointed his 12 gauge shotgun in the face of a second bank employee and ordered the employee and other bank employees to lie down on the floor.

Green and Craven returned to the white Dodge Intrepid with $35,730 in the blue bag. After Brown drove a short distance, two dye packs in the blue bag began to emit smoke. Brown stopped the vehicle and the three co-conspirators fled. The three men, along with Lincoln, were later apprehend by Missouri Police Department officer following a short pursuit. 

All four men are in federal custody without bond. Brown is scheduled to be sentenced on May 24, 2010, while Green will be sentenced on June 15. Lincoln and Craven are scheduled for sentencing on June 16. Each faces a maximum term of imprisonment of 25 years. Because Green and Craven also pleaded guilty to brandishing a firearm during the commission of the robbery, a violent felony offense, each faces an additional sentence of at least seven years imprisonment to be served after serving any sentence imposed for the robbery conviction.                

This case was investigated by the Houston Area Bank Robbery Task Force, which is comprised of agents with the FBI, Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Department. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney David Searle.


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