Venable Elementary School Student Letters
to U.S. Attorney Heaphy and AUSA Ron Huber

Posted Date: March 25, 2013

"Thank you for teaching me about law and order.  It was a lot of fun when we went to the Courthouse. Please tell Mr. Huber I said Hi. Bye!" "Thank you Mr. Heaphy and Mr. Huber for law and order." "Tank you" "I really enjoyed what you taught us in the law and order elective. I especially liked the mock trial. You made learning about law and order even more fun!" "Thank you Mr. Heaphy forhelping us learn about criminal Justice. It was very interesting to go to the courthouse and have a mock trial about patty piccasso."
"Thank you for teaching us how to do the trial and what police do as a job and when the judge came in and told us about what she does. I enjoyed coming to the courthouse and doing the trial with the other people at the courthouse and thank you for the bag that you gave us I use them a lot my parents enjoyed it to." "Thank you for teaching law and order.  I thought it was cool that we could have a cop, judge and a detective.  It was very cool! I also you took time of the court and teaching us. But I have one real question. Do you arrest space shuddles for going over the space limit?" "Thank you for helping me learn how to write facts and how to be in court and how to write without talking.  I learned how to public speaking. You are a really good teacher. I am going to miss you alot and you are really nice."

Letters written by students of Venable Elementary School to U.S. Attorney Heaphy and AUSA Ron Huber
thanking them for teaching them about the justice system.

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