Date: November 14, 2012

United States Attorney Timothy Heaphy opens the SW Virginia Prescription Drug Abuse Summit Dr. Stephen Loyd captures the crowd United States Attorney Timothy Heaphy address the more than 300 guests A table at the Prescription Drug Abuse Summit displays handouts USA Tim Heaphy
AUSA Randy Ramseyer Panelist Peer Segelke networks with a member of the audience (unknown) Dave Nutter chairs the Economic Development Panel Dr. Mary McMasters explains addiction Dr. Sarah Melton, a pharmacist and the Chair of One Care, opens up the treatment and education panel
Back of participants heads, no names

The abuse of prescription drugs in Southwest Virginia is a public health and safety epidemic. In response
to this epidemic, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia, under the
leadership of Timothy J. Heaphy, has designed a prescription drug abuse summit with partners in law
enforcement, treatment and prevention and economic development. The summit will address the ever-
expanding problem of prescription drug abuse and produce an action plan to combat it, written with the
help of research partners at the University of Virginia at Wise and Radford University.

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