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United States Attorney Jenny A. Durkan
Western District of Washington


January 28, 2011

KORY BOYD, of Vancouver, Washington, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Tacoma to 34 months of prison and three years of supervised release for attacking an African-American man in a local Vancouver, Washington, bar.

On January 7, 2010, J.C., an African American, met with some friends at Captain’s Sports Bar in Vancouver, Washington. Of about a dozen people in the bar, J.C. was the only African American. While J.C. talked with friends at the bar, Zachary Beck, an avowed white supremacist, summoned the bartender and told him that J.C. should leave, or there would be a problem. The bartender passed this along to J.C., but J.C. did not leave. Beck contacted KORY BOYD and asked that he and Lawrence Silk come to the bar. BOYD, and Silk each are self-avowed white-supremacists. BOYD and Silk met Beck outside the bar where they agreed to go inside and attack J.C. because J.C. is African American. Prior to entering the bar with BOYD and Silk, Beck had complained that J.C. should not be kissing our women, referring to white women.

Beck went into the bar first and approached J.C. directly. He leaned into J.C. and whispered into his ear that J.C. should leave or there would be a problem. J.C. asked Beck what he was talking about, at which point J.C. saw Silk and BOYD approach. Beck said, “I told you, you didn’t want to be here.” J.C. asked again what the problem was, and Beck told him that he should not be “kissing our girls.” J.C. explained that he had not kissed anybody, but Beck ignored him. Instead, Beck looked back at BOYD. Beck then swung his fist powerfully at J.C.’s head. J.C. ducked the punch and put Beck into a headlock. He dragged Beck behind the bar and held him as a shield against BOYD and Silk, who were trying to strike J.C. with their fists and with bottles or glasses in their hands. BOYD threw a glass at J.C., shattering it near J.C.’s head and showering him with shards of broken glass. While J.C. held Beck, Silk and BOYD yelled, “White power! Kill that f--- n---!” When one of J.C.’s friends told J.C. to let go of Beck, J.C. complied and pushed Beck away. Silk, BOYD, and Beck then left the bar yelling statements such as, “We’re going to get you, n---. White power!”

J.C. suffered minor injuries from the assault, including a cut on his left arm, bruising on his forearms, and a sore chin.

On November 9, 2010, BOYD pleaded guilty to one count of Interference with a Federally Protected Right. Zachary Beck is scheduled for trial on March 21, 2011.



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