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Executive Office for United States Trustees
For Immediate Release
February 10, 2000

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Kevyn D. Orr has been appointed Acting Director of the Executive Office for United States Trustees (EOUST), effective on Feb. 12, to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of outgoing EOUST Director Joseph "Jerry" Patchan.

In addition, Orr has been nominated as Director of the EOUST. Orr has served since 1995 as Deputy Director of the EOUST, which is the Washington, D.C., office of the United States Trustee Program, an arm of the Justice Department that supervises the administration of bankruptcy cases nationwide.

Patchan, who served for five years as Director, announced Jan. 4 that he would retire Feb. 11 to return to his home in Ohio.

"Under Jerry Patchan's leadership, the United States Trustee Program has grown into one of the foremost professional organizations within our nation's unique bankruptcy system," Orr stated. "I look forward to the opportunity to continue to be a part of this process."

Before joining the EOUST, Orr worked with Patchan for four years at the Resolution Trust Corp. in Washington, D.C., where he was named Assistant General Counsel for Complex Litigation and Bankruptcy in 1994. Prior to that, Orr was a partner in the Miami law firm of Stearns, Weaver, Miller, Wiessler, Alhadeff & Sitterson, and then a litigator for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School in 1983.

"I have always relied upon Kevyn's incisive legal judgment and exceptional management skills, and I am delighted that he has been appointed as my successor at the EOUST," Patchan said. "I am confident that under Kevyn's leadership the Program will rest in skilled hands and achieve continuing success.&quot


Jane Limprecht, Public Information Officer
Executive Office for U.S. Trustees
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