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Region 11

Staff Directory

Main Telephone Number: (312) 886-5785

Name Position
Constantine Harvalis Assistant U.S. Trustee
Kimberly Bacher Trial Attorney
Patricia Brasier Paralegal Specialist
Joanne W. Burne Paralegal Specialist
Denise Ann Delaurent Trial Attorney
Michelle M. Engel Paralegal Specialist
Sandra George-Booker Legal Assistant (Bankruptcy/OA)
Kathryn M. Gleason Trial Attorney
David Gucwa Bankruptcy Analyst
Cameron Gulden Trial Attorney
Julie Hearn Paralegal Specialist
Pamela Hillman Administrative Officer
Benita Jones Paralegal Specialist
Maria Kaplan Paralegal Specialist
Keith E. Manikowski IT Specialist
Laura Mccabe Legal Assistant (Bankruptcy/OA)
Rita Mierzwa Paralegal Specialist
Jeremiah Nelson Bankruptcy Analyst
Kathryn O'Kelly Paralegal Specialist
Patricia A. Parker Paralegal Specialist
M. Gretchen Silver Trial Attorney
Jeffrey Snell Trial Attorney
Roman L. Sukley Trial Attorney
Thomas Thornton Bankruptcy Analyst
Jennifer Toth Paralegal Specialist
Robert J. Wakefield Bankruptcy Analyst
Connie Jean Warner Legal Assistant (Bankruptcy/OA)
Shaun Washington Legal Assistant (Bankruptcy/OA)
Stephen G. Wolfe Trial Attorney
Marie Yapan Legal Assistant (Bankruptcy/OA)


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