USTP - Administrative Decision - Case No. 02-0006

Department of Justice
Executive Office for United States Trustees

Final Agency Action
Case No. 02-0006

[Dated: December 17, 2002]

Review of the Decision of the
United States Trustee for [Redacted]
Regarding [Redacted]

Re: [Redacted], Administrative Review, No. 02-0006

Dear [Redacted]:

By letter dated September 24, 2002, [Redacted] sought administrative review of a decision by United States Trustee for Region [Redacted] to terminate [Redacted] from active case rotation in the [Redacted] District of [Redacted], and requested relief from the Interim Directive issued simultaneously with the United States Trustee's decision. I have received a copy of a letter from [Redacted] to the United States Trustee, dated November 25, 2002, stating that [Redacted] is resigning as a panel trustee for Region [Redacted] of the [Redacted] District of [Redacted].

In light of this development, I conclude that this review, along with [Redacted] request for a stay of the Interim Directive, is moot.

Very truly yours,

Lawrence A. Friedman

Updated May 7, 2015