USTP Administrative Decision No. 98-0003

Department of Justice

Executive Office for United States Trustees


Final Agency Action

Case No. 98-0003


Review of the Decision of the

United States Trustee for Region [REDACTED]

Regarding [REDACTED]

Via Federal Express


United States Trustee
for Region [REDACTED]

re: [REDACTED] Administrative Review, No. 98-0003

Dear Mr. [REDACTED] and Mr. [REDACTED]:

        By letter dated May 1, 1998, [REDACTED] sought administrative review of a decision by [REDACTED], the United States Trustee for Region [REDACTED], to suspend [REDACTED] while he responded to deficiencies identified in an audit issued by the Office of the Inspector General.(1) By letter dated May 26, 1998 (copy enclosed), Mr. [REDACTED] informed me that Mr. [REDACTED] is no longer on suspended status and has been returned to active rotation. In light of this development, I conclude this review is moot.

                                                                                        Very truly yours,

                                                                                        Joseph Patchan


1. The United States Trustee did not issue an Interim Directive. See 28 C.F.R. 58.6(d) (setting forth the bases for an Interim Directive). Accordingly, the trustee received new case assignments during the pendency of this review. See 28 C.F.R. 58.6(c) (providing that a trustee shall continue to receive new case assignments during the review period unless the United States Trustee issues an Interim Directive).

Updated May 7, 2015