FY 2012 Summary Of Property Under Seizure With Lien Values By Type Of Property

2012 Summary of Property Under Seizure with Lien Values by Type of Property [1]
(Dollars in Thousands)

Property Category Ending Balance Net of Non-Valued Property $ Value of Liens and Claims
Number $ Value
Seized Cash and Monetary Instruments 14,200 $1,536,523 ($125,969)
Financial Instruments 520 $68,368 ($4,851)
Real Property 127 $45,084 ($9,710)
Personal Property 8,019 $183,797 ($16,667)
Non-Valued[2] 33,572 $0 $0
Total 56,438 $1,833,772 ($157,197)


[1] This report includes any seized asset that was physically in the custody or control of the US Department of Justice at the end of Fiscal Year 2012.

[2] Federal Financial Accounting and Auditing Technical Release 4, "Reporting Non-Valued Seized and Forfeited Property", requires disclosure of property that does not have a legal market in the United States or does not have a salable value to the Federal Government. This property includes: alcohol, chemicals, drug paraphernalia, gambling devices, pornography, and weapons.

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Updated March 23, 2015

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