Department of Justice Seal

Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales
at the Department of Justice Hispanic Heritage Month Ceremony

Washington, D.C.
October 4, 2006

Good morning.

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the annual celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month here at Department of Justice.

Every year during this time we reflect on the wonderful contributions that Hispanics have made to our country – as artists and entrepreneurs, athletes and teachers, parents and leaders and as Attorney General.

Hispanic culture is one of so many unique and strong cultures that have enriched the overall way of life in the United States, and today’s celebration reminds us that diversity of this country is what makes the U.S. so special, and so strong. With that in mind, I am proud to honor the contributions of my family’s heritage to what we consider to be the greatest nation on earth.

I am grateful to be serving the American people under the leadership of a President who values diversity. President Bush understands that the character of our country is stronger because of the different experiences of its people. He believes that ingenuity, talent, and excellence are not unique to any gender or race – they exist in every community in America.

I know that the President saw all those qualities in our next speaker, Anna Escobeda Cabral. Anna is the 42nd Treasurer of the United States – an impressive and important post, indeed – but her position in government is only a fraction of what this woman is, and what she means, to colleagues, family and friends.

Anna is a wonderful role-model for all Americans – and she is living proof that American dreams do come true if you are willing to reach for them, and work for them, every day.

Her professional accomplishments are an inspiration to all who know her, and her personal dedication to friends and family are unmatched. Every Christmas party at Anna’s house is like Hispanic Heritage month, full of lively conversation, the embrace of friends and family, and some of the best tamales you’ll ever eat. I know that Anna’s commitment to our Heritage, our community and her country is a daily devotion.

I encourage you to read about Anna’s professional experience in the event program… but it may not mention that she and her husband Victor have four wonderful children, two of whom are Department of Justice employees – Catalina and Raquel, who is my assistant. I’m grateful to have them here.

It is my pleasure to introduce my friend, a woman I deeply admire, Anna Escobedo Cabral.