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The Community Relations Service (CRS), a section of the U.S. Department of Justice, assists communities to resolve disputes related to race, ethnicity or national origin. Since 1965, CRS has worked to bring together people to talk about their problems or issues, and to help work out ways to resolve them.

CRS intervenes in times of community crisis, such as when racial violence and harassment occur, as well as at points where early planning and action can prevent conflict. Examples of CRS response to Asian communities are:

In neighborhoods, where established residents have assaulted or harassed Asian newcomers;

In schools, where Asian and other students have been involved in racial fights;

In places of employment, where Asian employees or businesses have been victimized or have a difficult time adjusting to different ways of operating; and

In organizations, such as police departments or schools, where non-Asian employees have had to adapt to provide services to a culturally diverse population and where Asian refugees and immigrants have had to learn about American law and institutions.

Staff of the CRS can travel when necessary to assist communities. There is no cost for CRS assistance.

You may call, write or visit the CRS office nearest to you. The offices are listed in the back of this brochure. We will be happy to discuss your concern and possible service to your community.


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