Remarks of Eric H. Holder, Jr.

Deputy Attorney General

National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC)

Award Ceremony

Washington, DC

June 17, 1999

I am glad we have the technology that allows me to be with you this morning as NDIC recognizes some of the people who have contributed to your success over the last year. You have made great strides since I visited Johnstown last July. NDIC is being recognized throughout the law enforcement and intelligence communities as an authority among the counterdrug organizations and an asset to our national efforts.

NDIC is becoming a valuable resource for the counterdrug community and is emerging as a center of excellence for strategic drug intelligence. The Department recognizes and thanks you for a job well done.

I would also like to take this opportunity, as we approach the arrival of your new Director, Mike Horn, to thank Virgil Woolley personally for the job he has done over the past 7 months as NDIC's Acting Director. Virgil and I have worked together many times during his tenure as Acting director. I am grateful to him for his leadership, professionalism, and dedication to the mission of NDIC. Thank you Virgil.

Again, I am glad to have been a part of your award ceremony. I congratulate those of you receiving awards as well as all NDIC staff on a very successful year.