Department of Justice Seal
Deputy Attorney General
Larry D. Thompson
Awards Ceremony Remarks for The Small & Disadvantaged
Business Utilization
Thursday, August, 9, 2001

Good afternoon. I am more than pleased to be participating in today's ceremonies which honor the outstanding jobs that you and your bureaus have been doing to implement and enforce the procurement preference programs. Both the President and the Attorney General are strongly in favor of our maintaining our support of all small businesses:

In instances when the President has discussed the status of small firms, he has expressed his intention to ensure that small companies (protected by preference programs), receive a fair proportion of the federal government's contracts and subcontracts. We in the Justice Department have every intention of supporting the President in this effort. During FY-2000, we made some significant progress:

With your help and continued dedication, I am certain that our record for FY-2001 and beyond will be even better.

I am very mindful of the fact that you and your hard work have brought about these good developments! So, as I said before, I am more than happy to participate in this awards ceremony, and I congratulate and welcome each and every one of you.