The abbreviations listed below provide a legend to the summary charts which follow:

ARA = Administrative Review and Appeals (formerly EOIR & PA)
ATR = Antitrust Division
BATF = Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
CIV = Civil Division
COPS = Community Oriented Policing Services
CRM = Criminal Division
CRS = Community Relations Service
CRT = Civil Rights Division
CTF = Counterterrorism Fund
DEA = Drug Enforcement Administration
DOJ TOT = Total Department of Justice
DOJ-OJP = Total Department of Justice Less Office of Justice Programs and Violent Crime Reduction Program
EOIR = Executive Office for Immigration Review
ENR-SF = Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Division Less the SUPERFUND Allocation Account
ENR+SF = ENR Division Plus the SUPERFUND Allocation Account
EPA = Environmental Protection Agency
FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCSC = Foreign Claim Settlement Commission
FEWS = Fees and Expenses of Witnesses
FPD = Federal Prisoner Detention (Includes Cooperative Agreement Program) formerly Support of U.S. Prisoners (SOP)
FPS S&E = Federal Prison System (Salaries and Expenses)
FPS TOT = Total Federal Prison System (Salaries and Expenses and Buildings and Facilities
FRHB = Federal Retiree and Health Benefits Accruals
FTE = Full Time Equivalent
GA = General Administration (Department Leadership and Executive Support)
GSA = General Services Administration
HHS = Department of Health and Human Services
HIDTA = High Intensity Drug Trafficking
HUD = Department of Housing and Urban Development
IC = Indian Country
ICDE = Interagency Crime and Drug Enforcement
INS = Immigration and Naturalization Service
IRS CI = Crim. Invest. Section of Internal Revenue Service
ISI = Identification Systems Integration
JABS = Joint Automated Booking System
JB = Judicial Branch
JMD = Justice Management Division (Does not Include Working Capital Fund)
NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NDIC = National Drug Intelligence Center
NBC = NarrowBand Communications
OIG = Office of the Inspector General
OJP = Office of Justice Programs (Earlier Years Data Reflect Law Enforcement Assistance Administration thru Office of Justice Assistance, Research and Statistics)
OPM = Office of Personnel Management
PC = U.S. Parole Commission
RECTF = Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund
RISS = Regional Information Sharing System
SBA = Small Business Administration
SS = Social Security
TAX = Tax Division
TCC = Telecommunications Carrier Compliance
USA = United States Attorneys
USCS = United States Customs Service
USG = United States Government, Total
USMS = United States Marshals Service
USSS = United States Secret Service
UST = United States Trustees
VCRP = Violent Crime Reduction Programs
WCF = Working Capital Fund