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FY2003 Budget Summary


2002 Appropriation

The FY 2002 appropriation is defined as the 2002 enacted level in the 2002 Department of Justice Appropriations Act (P.L. 107-77) plus the Counterterrorism Supplemental funding of $2,110,295,000, included in the 2002 Defense Appropriations Act (P.L. 107-117). The FY 2003 request includes $539,234,000 in recurring costs from the Counterterrorism Supplemental for ongoing counterterrorism activities.

Proposed Transfers

Detention Trustee transfer:

This budget proposes to transfer all detention resources to the Detention Trustee to centrally locate management of detention activities. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) transfers 1,237 positions and FTE and $614,960,000, and the Federal Prison Detention transfers $706,182,000, for detention activities. To afford the Detention Trustee maximum flexibility, language is proposed in 2003 to allow (but not require) transfer of these resources to INS or U.S. Marshals Service to use for detention activities under the direction of the Detention Trustee.

Office of Domestic Preparedness transfer:

This budget proposes a transfer of all domestic counterterrorism/antiterrorism funding of $234,494,000 from the Department of Justice to the Federal Emergency Management Administration. This will provide the Office of Homeland Security the ability to manage all domestic activities related to terrorism centrally.

Display of Federal Retiree and Health Benefits (FRHB) Costs

The Administration has proposed legislation to require agencies, beginning in FY 2003, to pay the full Government share of the accruing costs of retirement for current CSRS employees. The legislation also requires agencies to pay the full accruing cost of post-retirement health benefits for current civilian employees and costs of all retirees. Funding for this legislative proposal is displayed on most tables in this budget summary. However, some exhibits do not include these costs, and the exclusions are noted.

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