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FY2004 Budget Summary

Drug Enforcement Administration
Permanent Indefinite Special Fund
Diversion Control Fee Account

(Dollars in thousands)
Pos. 1/
  FTE   Amount
2002 Obligations   660   568   $78,737
2003 President's Budget Request   793   722   113,645
Adjustments to base:
  Increases (See p. 100)   ...   67   5,637
  Decreases (See p. 100)   ... ... -721
2004 Current Services   793   789   118,561
  Program Improvements (detailed below)   ... ... ...
2004 Total Request 1/   793   789   118,561

1/ DepartmeThe permanent positions column reflects those positions funded from program receipts and is shown for illustrative purposes only. These positions are not included in thent's position total.
      2003 President's Budget 2004 Current Services 2004 Request Program Improvements
Comparison by activity and program   Perm Pos.   FTE   Amount   Perm Pos.   FTE   Amount   Perm Pos.   FTE   Amount   Perm Pos.   FTE   Amount
  Diversion Control   793   722   $113,645   793   789   $118,561   793   789   $118,561   ...   ...   ...

  Program Description
  The purpose of DEA's Drug Diversion Control Program is to prevent, detect and investigate the diversion of controlled substances from legitimate channels while, at the same time, ensuring that there is an adequate uninterrupted supply of chemicals and pharmaceuticals to meet legitimate needs. DEA's Drug Diversion Control program was delegated the responsibility for control of diversion, distribution, manufacture, and abuse of legitimate pharmaceuticals. Pursuant to Public Law 107-395, diversion control registration fees were increased to recover the entire cost of the program, starting in 1994.

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