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FY2004 Budget Summary


(Dollars in thousands)
FTE Amount

2002 Obligations 1/

25,328 23,695 $3,865,198
     Transfer of Resources to Department of Homeland Security 2/ -307 -307 -51,000
2002 Obligations Adjusted 25,021 23,388 3,814,198
2003 President's Budget Request 26,215 25,464 4,202,587
     2003 Position/Workyear Adjustment 3/ 44 22 ...
     2003 Amendment 4/ ... ... 49,000
     Transfer of Resources to Department of Homeland Security 5/ -307 -307 -54,281
2003 President's Budget Request Adjusted 25,952 25,179 4,197,306
     [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] 6/ [878] [844] [114,000]
Adjustments to Base:
     Merger of Construction Funds into Salaries & Expenses ... ... 1,250
     Increases (see p. 30) ... 442 131,348
     Decreases (see p. 30) ... ... -203,513
2004 Current Services 25,952 25,621 4,126,391
     Program Improvements (see details below).... 2,499 1,272 539,135
     Program Offsets (see details below) -153 -153 -25,957
     Subtotal, Program Improvements/Offsets 2,346 1,119 513,178
2004 Request 7/ 28,298 26,740 4,639,569
     [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] 6/ [834] [834] [114,000]

1/ While HIDTA transfers are shown in 2002 actuals, they are not shown for 2003 or 2004 because final decisions on amounts have not been determined.
2/ 2002 transfer shown for comparison purposes.
3/ House Conference Report accompanying P.L. 107-206, the 2002 Supplemental Appropriations Act for Further Recovery From and Response to Terrorist Attacks, directed the FBI to use $44,713,000 expected to be carried over from funds provided in P.L. 107-117 to establish additional Legal Attache offices. Of this amount, the FBI proposes to use $23,713,000 to fund 44 positions (22 agents) to open new Legat offices, expand existing offices, establish new sub-offices, and increase FBI headquarters personnel to support the overall Legat expansion.
4/ On November 13, 2002 the President submitted a budget amendment to Congress that includes $49,000,000 for the FBI to fund the Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force in FY 2003.
5/ Pursuant to Homeland Security Act of 2002, the FBI headquarters National Infrastructure Protection Center (other than the Computer Investigations and Operations Section) and Key Asset Program resources will transfer to the Department of Homeland Security.
6/ Provided for information purposes only. Figure is a non-add. Amounts provided to the FBI from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act are considered reimbursable resources.
7/ In addition to direct funding, the FBI will receive reimbursable resources totaling 2,973 positions (1,071 agents) and 2,864 FTE in 2004. In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the FBI will receive $114,000,000 in 2004 to support 834 positions (485 agents) and 834 FTE for health care fraud investigations. Also, the FBI will receive reimbursable resources totaling $120,385,000 to support 912 positions (547 agents) and 912 FTE under the Interagency Crime and Drug Enforcement program.
  2003 Pres. Budget Request Adjusted 2004 Current Services 2004 Request Program Improvements/Offsets
Comparison by activity and program Perm.
FTE Amount Perm.
FTE Amount Perm.
FTE Amount Perm.
FTE Amount
1. Counterterrorism 5,932 5,668 1,115,514 6,078 6,015 $1,089,136 7,343 6,644 1,379,819 1,265 629 290,683
2. National Security 4,432 4,221 726,393 4,463 4,386 726,385 5,132 4,708 826,410 669 322 100,025
3. Criminal Enterprises and Federal Crimes 13,597 13,319 2,072,972 13,440 13,249 2,035,891 13,831 13,410 2,145,077 391 161 109,186
4. Criminal Justice Services 1,991 1,971 282,427 1,971 1,971 274,979 1,992 1,978 288,263 21 7 13,284
Total 25,952 25,179 4,197,306 25,952 25,621 4,126,391 28,298 26,740 4,639,569 2,346 1,119 513,178
Reimbursable FTE ... 2,874 ... ... 2,908 ... ... 2,864 ... ... -44 ...
Grand Total 25,952 28,053 4,197,306 25,952 28,529 4,126,391 28,298 29,604 4,639,569 2,346 1,075 513,178
Consistent with the Government Performance and Results Act, the 2004 budget proposes to merge construction funds into the Salaries and Expenses Account and streamline the FBI's decision unit structure from 10 program activities to 4 to align the FBI's budget more closely with the mission and strategic objectives contained in the DOJ Strategic Plan (FY 2001-2006). In addition, the budget has been realigned to reflect the FBI's outputs and full costs by major program activity, including the costs of management and administration, so that a more accurate picture of total activity costs is reflected in the budget. In this way, budget and performance are more closely linked, and provide a better basis on which to make budget decisions. Over time, agencies will be expected to identify effective outcome measures, monitor their progress, and accurately present the associated costs.


(Dollars in thousands)
  2003 Pres. Budget
Request Adjusted
National Security Counterterrorism Criminal
Enterprises/Federal Crimes
Justice Services
2003 Total
Comparison by activity and program Perm
FTE Amount Perm
FTE Amount Perm
FTE Amount Perm
FTE Amount Perm
FTE Amount Perm
FTE Amount
1. Criminal, Security, and Other Investigations              
     Organized Criminal Enterprises 2,838 2,839 $396,758 29 29 $4,076 58 56 $6,487 2,751 2,754 $386,195 ... ... ... 2,838 2,839 $396,758
     White-Collar Crime 4,027 3,931 506,325 ... ... ... ... ... ... 4,027 3,931 506,325 ... ... ... 4,027 3,931 506,325
     Other Field Programs 11,830 11,411 1,710,817 3,427 3,261 445,938 4,510 4,321 746,675 3,883 3,821 516,722 10 8 1,482 11,830 11,411 1,710,817
          Subtotal 18,695 18,181 2,613,900 3,456 3,290 450,014 4,568 4,377 753,162 10,661 10,506 1,409,242 10 8 1,482 18,695 18,181 2,613,900
2. Law Enforcement Support
     Training, Recruitment, and Applicant 933 913 129,995 162 157 22,474 200 195 27,942 503 493 69,905 68 68 9,674 933 913 129,995
     Forensic Services 737 698 174,557 ... ... ... 110 106 26,184 442 417 104,734 185 175 43,639 737 698 174,557
     Information, Management, Automation,
     and Telecommunications
377 362 271,564 65 63 46,949 81 78 58,371 203 194 146,033 28 27 20,211 377 362 271,564
     Technical Field Support and Services 751 668 442,877 189 172 128,732 215 191 140,652 304 269 152,402 43 36 21,091 751 668 442,877
     Criminal Justice Services 1,902 1,913 208,699 79 80 8,659 98 99 10,766 245 247 26,935 1,480 1,487 162,339 1,902 1,913 208,699
          Subtotal 4,700 4,554 1,227,692 495 472 206,814 704 669 263,915 1,697 1,620 500,009 1,804 1,793 256,954 4,700 4,554 1,227,692
3 Program Direction      
     Management and Administration 2,557 2,444 355,714 481 459 69,565 660 622 98,437 1,239 1,193 163,721 177 170 23,991 2,557 2,444 355,714
4 Construction
     Training, Recruitment, and Applicant ... ... 1,250 ... ... 216 ... ... 269 ... ... 672 ... ... 93 ... ... 1,250
Total 25,952 25,179 4,198,556 4,432 4,221 726,609 5,932 5,668 1,115,783 13,597 13,319 2,073,644 1,991 1,971 282,520 25,952 25,179 4,198,556
     Reimbursable FTE ... 2,874 ... ... 69 ... ... 62 ... ... 2,026 ... ... 717 ... ... 2,874 ...
Grand Total 25,952 28,053 4,198,556 4,432 4,290 726,609 5,932 5,730 1,115,783 13,597 15,345 2,073,644 1,991 2,688 282,520 25,952 28,053 4,198,556

Program Improvements Perm.
FTE Amount
Counterterrorism (CT) and Operations Support 1,446 744 $266,750
1. CT Program Management
The FBI requests 430 positions, 215 workyears, and $27,381,000 to augment and support the FBI's Counterterrorism Program Management to implement a nationally-managed and centrally driven CT program that would enable the FBI to address critical and rapidly burgeoning CT issues. Funding will provide for operational support to FBI field and executive offices and programs; communications analysis and exploitation of documents; financial review of terrorist accounts and transactions; support for the terrorism reports and requirements section; strategic assessments of emerging terrorist threats; and analytical support.
2. CT Field Investigations
The FBI requests 248 positions (149 agents), 124 workyears, and $28,046,000 to increase field investigation capacity to effectively focus on prevention and response efforts. Resources would increase the number of field office personnel available to collect intelligence and conduct investigative activity that would enhance FBI's ability to make predictive observations and neutralize threats emanating from terrorist activities.
3. CT Analytical Support
The FBI requests 214 positions, 107 workyears, and $14,603,000 to enhance the level of tactical analytical support that is furnished to ongoing CT investigations. Resources will provide a cadre of Intelligence Research Specialists to complement field agent efforts in such activities as case information collection, evaluation, and monitoring.
4. Intelligence Analysis Training
The FBI requests 6 positions (2 agents), 3 workyears, and $2,450,000 to support the FBI's ability to collect evidence and intelligence. Resources would provide for instructors and the development and delivery of intelligence analysis training.
5. Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF)
The FBI requests $60,607,000 for the FTTTF. Resources would fund FTTTF security-related and information technology requirements, and provide information collection, threat assessment, and dissemination tools and equipment. Resources would enhance FTTTF's ability to keep foreign terrorists and their supporters out of the United States by providing critical and timely information related to entry denial and removal and identification and location of known and suspected terrorists.
6. Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Program Support
The FBI requests $6,548,000 to support the continuing law enforcement cross-collaboration efforts of the JTTFs. Resources will fund state and local overtime costs, replenishment and/or acquisition of new equipment required for an enhanced operational capability, security-related requirements, and training, travel, and supplies for JTTF participants.
7. JTTF Information Sharing Initiative
The FBI requests $5,000,000 for the implementation of a JTTF information sharing system in 10 field offices in a controlled environment. The system would provide all federal, state, and local law enforcement entities participating within the JTTF program in each of the 10 field offices with a single database coupled with a suite of query and analytical applications that will enable exploitation of information.
8. CT and Other training (Field and Headquarters)
The FBI requests 98 positions (70 agents), 49 workyears, and $14,027,000 to staff and support field and headquarters CT and other training. Resources would fund personnel, student and staff travel costs, and evaluation contract support. Of the requested resources, 52 positions (40 agents) would augment staffing for field police training to meet the demands of state and local law enforcement agencies.
9. Communications Application
The FBI requests $4,600,000 to obtain a software application that is capable of conducting sophisticated link analysis on extremely high volumes of telephone toll call data and other relational data. This software would enable the FBI to leverage modern technology to expeditiously conduct analyses of large collections of relational data.
10. National Security Law Unit
The FBI requests 14 positions, 7 workyears, and $1,405,000 to enhance the National Security Law Unit. Resources would provide additional attorneys and paralegal support to meet the significant increase in demands for legal services relating to the national security responsibilities of the FBI including: foreign counterintelligence, international terrorism, domestic terrorism/security (relating to weapons of mass destruction and counter-proliferation), and computer intrusion/infrastructure protection matters.
11. Legal Attache (Legat) Program
The FBI requests 30 positions (17 agents), 37 workyears, and $47,527,000 to expand and support the Legat program. Resources would provide for 9 additional headquarters and 21 overseas personnel in key locations and strengthen FBI's ability to prevent future terrorist attacks as well as apprehend terrorists and other international criminals in order to bring them to justice. Also included is 22 FTEs and $12,615,000 to continue efforts directed in the House Report accompanying the 2002 Supplemental Appropriations Act for Further Recovery From and Response to Terrorist Attacks (P.L. 107-206). Of the requested resources, $10,500,000 would fund the second phase of the initiative to upgrade the IT infrastructure at Legat offices. Funding will complete the upgrade of communications circuits; provide equipment for multimedia data processing; provide internet connectivity from Legats to foreign law enforcement and intelligence counterparts; provide fly-away communications packets; provide electronic translation capabilities; and upgrade portable computing capabilities of investigators. Funding will also bring the IT infrastructure of Legat offices to the same standard used to deploy infrastructure upgrades to domestic field offices through the Trilogy project.
12. Field Clerical Support
The FBI requests 300 positions, 150 workyears, and $14, 932,000 to provide essential clerical/administrative support personnel to FBI field offices. The requested clerical/administrative personnel would allow field agents, as well as field investigative and technical support personnel, to fully address terrorist and criminal threats, and leave the processing of mission-critical clerical and administrative functions to employees whose role it is to perform these important duties. Of the 300 positions requested, 126 positions and $6,293,000 will support CT programs; the remaining 174 positions and $8,639,000 will support all other programs. The requested positions will free up 240 agent FTEs to address terrorist and criminal threats.
13. Crisis Response Unit
The FBI requests 27 positions (6 agents), 13 workyears, and $14,984,000 to enhance Crisis Response Unit (CRU) capabilities. Resources would provide: 1) additional personnel to increase the number of CRU Rapid Deployment Teams and support staff; 2) remote interoperable secure data and communications networks that facilitate communications from remote global crisis locations to local, federal, and military components; and 3) specialty vehicles and other equipment necessary to support command, control, and communications for crisis or special event deployments worldwide.
14. Rapid Deployment and Logistics Unit Equipment
The FBI requests $850,000 for automation equipment to manage administrative and investigative information in support of rapid deployment team operations. Resources would provide funding to replace equipment in out-of-service age category.
15. Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) Tactical Helicopter Program
The FBI requests 6 positions (1 agent), 3 workyears, and $2,226,000 to provide aviation support during a terrorist or criminal act directed against the United States and its citizens or interests. Resources would provide for pilots, helicopter mechanics, training, maintenance, fuel, chemical and biological protective systems for pilots, and video downlink capability.
16. Hostage Rescue Team/Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) WMD Equipment , Supplies, Training and Personnel  
The FBI requests 2 positions, 1 workyear, and $6,127,000 to staff and outfit Hostage Rescue and SWAT Teams with protective clothing and equipment. Resources would provide the FBI with suitable personnel, training and equipment to ensure the HRT always is prepared to perform its CT mission and that FBI SWAT Teams would have the basic WMD training and equipment required to accomplish any assigned task.
17. Internet Tip Line
The FBI requests 19 positions, 9 workyears, and $1,209,000 to permanently staff an Internet Tip Line. Resources would provide for support staff to maintain 3 shifts for a round-the-clock tip review and analysis of suspected terrorist activity reported to the FBI via the Internet. The Internet Tip Line is located in FBI's Strategic Information and Operations Center (SIOC).
18. Visa Identification Terrorist Automated Lookout (VITAL)
The FBI requests 52 positions (2 agents), 26 workyears, and $14,228,000 for the VITAL project. The project would improve the Nation's security by providing embassies and consulates with the ability to electronically process fingerprint-based criminal history checks against records in the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) prior to the issuance of U.S. visas. Resources would provide funding to hire personnel to develop and manage the VITAL project and modify the IAFIS to provide the additional storage capacity needed to retain and store embassy and consulate submissions for future search.
Counterintelligence 583 292 $69,880
The FBI requests 583 positions (94 agents), 292 workyears, and $69,880,000 for counterintelligence activities. Funding would enable the FBI to address national security investigations related to the global threat and provide the necessary guidance and oversight related to investigations. A more detailed description of the request can be found in the FBI's classified budget request.
Cybercrime Investigations 197 99 63,829
1. National Infrastructure Protection Computer Intrusion Program (NIPCIP) Investigations/Equipment
The FBI requests 113 positions (53 agents), 56 workyears, and $41,113,000 to support field and headquarters operations to identify, investigate and disrupt criminal and terrorist attacks on computer systems, including those that control vital national infrastructure such as the digital switches that run power, water, transport, and communications grids. The funding also will allow for expanded contractor resources to increase flexibility in developing case-specific data-mining tools and methodology.
2. Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI)
The FBI requests 32 positions (19 agents), 16 workyears and $3,594,000 to support Innocent Images undercover operations and investigations. Additional resources would allow the FBI to keep pace with the rising trend of child pornography and sexual exploitation via the Internet. In six years, the FBI has experienced a 20-fold increase in the number of IINI cases opened, from 113 cases in 1996 to 2,370 in 2002.
3. Computer Analysis Response Team (CART)
The FBI requests 45 positions (1 agent), 23 workyears, and $18,040,000 to support both field and headquarters operations to extract data and provide on-site support to the growing number of FBI investigations involving computer evidence, provide technical support to field agents, and develop state-of-the-art methods of forensic examination (including surreptitious data collection). This request includes resources to maintain six existing Regional Computer Forensics Laboratories (RCFL) and establish four new RCFLs, as well as funding for Rapid Deployment Teams.
4. Cybercrime Training
The FBI requests 7 positions (4 agents), 4 workyears and $1,082,000 to enhance its cybercrime training program, including hiring agent and support computer training instructors, developing curricula and investigative tools and acquiring classroom equipment. Additional agent positions appropriated in FY 2002 and proposed in FY 2003 have resulted in the need to train as many as 1,000 new agents in FY 2004.
Security 120 60 37,146
1. Background Investigation Contract Service (BICS) Funding/Contract Adjudicator Funding
The FBI requests 5 positions, 3 workyears, and $6,018,000 to provide background investigations contract support and enhance the adjudication program. Resources will enable FBI to fully fund the costs associated with using BICS investigators to conduct timely investigations of persons seeking security clearance for access to national security information. Of the requested resources, $968,000 would fund the enhancement to the adjudication program.
2. Technical and Physical Security
The FBI requests 24 positions, 12 workyears, and $6,888,000 for physical and technical security services. Resources would provide for force protection officers/physical and technical security specialists, security programs, and technical equipment to respond to physical and technical attacks on FBI space and facilities.
3. Police Force and Guard Services Pos. FTE Amount
The FBI requests 54 positions, 27 workyears, and $15,821,000 to provide better protection to its employees and property. Resources would provide for police and guard personnel, police radio replacement, a needs analysis for a FBI-wide common smart access system, and additional canine support.
4. Polygraph Expansion
The FBI requests 37 positions (32 agents), 18 workyears, and $6,419,000 to expand polygraph examination capabilities. Resources would provide staffing needed to fully handle the polygraph requirements to ensure the initial and continued trustworthiness of all persons being granted a security clearance by the FBI.
5. Defensive Programs
The FBI requests $2,000,000 for technical surveillance countermeasures. Resources would provide for operational and investigative support pertaining to technical security, assessments of technical threats, and physical security protection of all FBI personnel and facilities through the integration of intrusion detection and video security systems.
Technology Investments 3 2 $82,247
1. Trilogy Operations and Management (O&M)
The FBI requests 3 positions, 2 workyears, and $61,689,000 to address O&M requirements associated with its Trilogy Information Technology (IT) upgrade plan, including the operation, troubleshooting and repair of equipment, communications networks, and software. This request includes funding for recurring training of Computer Specialists and Electronic Technicians.
2. Trilogy Technology Refreshment Program
The FBI requests $18,558,000 to allow for an orderly replacement of Trilogy network and workstation data storage, server hardware, and embedded software or firmware on a periodic basis to prevent system degradation and obsolescence. Resources would allow for a plan to refresh desktop computers, servers, mass storage equipment, and software over the next several years to avoid a gradual return to the FBI's current state of technological obsolescence.
3. TS/SCI LAN Operations and Maintenance
The FBI requests $2,000,000 for costs associated with operations and maintenance of the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) Local Area Network (LAN) at FBIHQ. Costs include contracting for LAN configuration and operation support once the current ad hoc network has been consolidated into a single TS/SCI network meeting FBI requirements.
Criminal Investigations 118 59 16,000
1. Corporate Fraud
The FBI requests 118 positions (56 agents), 59 workyears and $16,000,000 to assemble sufficient staff and resources to target major corporate fraud cases. Resources would fund immediate development or improvement of existing liaison with other agencies, increased corporate fraud training for agents and financial analysts, and establishment of corporate fraud "Reserve Teams," teams of financial experts dispatched to major fraud investigations.
Forensic DNA Program 32 16 $3,283
1. Nuclear DNA Program
The FBI requests 28 positions, 14 workyears, and $2,692,000 to allow the FBI to reduce the backlog of cases requiring forensic DNA analysis. This effort would include doubling the throughput of nuclear DNA cases by 2005 by 1) increasing the number of Forensic DNA Examiners and Biologist Technicians by two-thirds - reducing average caseload per examiner; and 2) developing Rapid DNA Analysis Systems to replace current manual processing.
2. Federal Convicted Offender Program (FCOP)
The FBI requests 4 positions, 2 workyears, and $591,000 to fully staff, supply, and equip the FCOP to collect DNA samples from persons convicted in Federal and military courts of certain offenses, and produce DNA profiles for the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). FCOP originally targeted offenders convicted of violent crime and sexual assault, but the list of covered offenses expanded by 40 percent in 2001 to include terrorism-related offenses per the USA PATRIOT Act.
Program Reductions -153 -153 -25,957
1. Crosscutting Efficiencies
The Department continues to evaluate its programs and operations with the goal of achieving across-the-board economies of scale that result in increased efficiencies, reduced duplication of effort, and cost savings. The crosscutting savings identified are the result of consolidating facilities management, improving deployment of human resources personnel, outsourcing fleet maintenance and management, outsourcing Background Investigation Contract Services (BICS), centralizing procurement for relocation costs, and consolidating JCN/WAN IT support.
Reimbursable Workyear Changes [-44] [-44] [4,327]
A decrease of $4,327,000 and 44 reimbursable workyears is for health care fraud enforcement. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 provides a total of $114,000,000 in reimbursable funding for FY 2004, the same level as FY 2003. Since FY 2004 adjustments to base result in the FBI exceeding the statutory funding limit, the FBI must eliminate 44 workyears to offset the adjustments to base.
Total Program Improvements, Federal Bureau of Investigation 2,346 1,119 $513,178


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