(Dollars in Thousands)

  Pos. FTE Amount
2005 Obligations   0 0 $60,415
2006 Appropriation   0 0 50,000
  2006 Rescission Against Balances   0 0 -792
  2006 Rescission -- Reduction applied to DOJ (0.28%)   0 0 -140
  2006 Rescission -- Government-wide reduction (1.0%)   0 0 -499
2006 Enacted (with Rescissions)   0 0 48,569
2007 Request   0 0 0
Change 2007 from 2006   0 0 -48,569
Technical Adjustments            
  Restoration of 2006 Rescission of Prior Year Unobligated Balances       792
Adjustments to Base              
  Transfer to the Justice Assistance Appropriation   ... ... -49,361
  Net Adjustments to Base   0 0 -792
2007 Current Services   ... ... 0
2007 Request   0 0 0
  Change 2007 from 2006   0 0 -48,569


(Dollars in Thousands)

  2006 Enacted
(w/ Rescission)
  2007 Current Services   2007 Request   Total Program Changes
Perm           Perm           Perm           Perm        
Comparison by activity and program     Pos. FTE Amount Pos. FTE Amount Pos. FTE Amount Pos. FTE Amount
  Weed and Seed Prgram   0 0 $49,361 0 0 $0 0 0 $0 0 0 $0
  Rescission of Prior Year Unobligated Balances       0 0 -792                  
  Grand Total   0 0 $48,569                  

Weed and Seed represents the Department's premier, neighborhood-based comprehensive crime control initiative. The weed and seed strategy is based on the premise that leaders from neighborhood and community organizations, including faith-based organizations, law enforcement and private enterprise, must leverage resources to solve community problems at the local level. Site funding generally provides resources for "weeding" activities, which include joint law enforcement operations and community policing, and "seeding" activities, which range from prevention activities located in Safe Havens to neighborhood physical improvement and economic development.

Consistent with the Government Performance and Results Act, the 2007 budget proposes to streamline the decision unit structure of DOJ components to align more closely with the mission and strategic objectives contained in the DOJ Strategic Plan (FY 2003-2008). In addition, the budget has been realigned to reflect each component's outputs and full costs by major program activity, including the costs of management and administration, so that a more accurate picture of total activity costs is reflected in the budget. In this way, budget and performance are more closely linked, and provide a better basis on which to make budget decisions. Over time, agencies will be expected to identify effective outcome measures, monitor their progress, and accurately present the associated costs.

As part of its effort to realign resources to the DOJ Strategic Plan, the 2007 budget proposes to move funding for this program under the Justice Assistance account. In 2007, $49,348,000 is requested for this program in the Justice Assistance appropriation under the Improving the Criminal Justice System Decision Unit.