(Dollars in Thousands)

  Pos. FTE Amount
2005 Obligations   0 0 $619,633
2006 Appropriation   0 0 625,000
  2006 Rescission Against Balances   0 0 -19,265
2006 Enacted (with Rescissions)   0 0 605,735
2007 Request   0 0 625,000
Change 2007 from 2006   0 0 19,265
Technical Adjustments:            
  Restoration of 2006 Rescission of Prior Year Unobligated Balances   0 0 19,265
Adjustment to Base:        
Decrease   0 0 0
  Net Adjustments to Base   0 0 0
2007 Current Services   0 0 625,000
2007 Request   0 0 625,000
  Change 2007 from 2006   0 0 19,265
Rescission from Balances   0 0 -1,255,000



The FY 2007 budget proposes to fund Justice For All Act activities from two different accounts, the Crime Victims Fund and the Justice Assistance appropriation. Within the Crime Victims Fund, $29.205 million is included for the following activities: $22.6 million for federal victim/witness coordinators and advocates in the 93 U.S. Attorneys Offices, $5 million for the Nationwide Automated Victim Information and Notification System, $1.35 million for the improvement of the capacity of private attorneys to represent victims in the enforcement of their constitutional and statutory rights, $175 thousand for support of the development and implementation of statewide programs to facilitate compliance with state victims' rights laws, and $80 thousand for support of compliance evaluation with the Justice For All Act. An additional $11.46 million is requested under the Justice Assistance account for enhancement of the federal victim notification system, legal counsel and support services for victims, and administrative costs to implement the Justice For All Act.


(Dollars in Thousands)

  2006 Enacted
(w/ Rescissions)
  2007 Current Services   2007 Request   Total Program Changes
Perm           Perm           Perm           Perm        
Comparison by activity and program     Pos. FTE Amount Pos. FTE Amount Pos. FTE Amount Pos. FTE Amount
Crime Victims Fund   0 0 $625,000 0 0 %625,000 0 0 $625,000 1/ 0 0 0

1/ This amount reflects the proposed 2007 spending for the Crime Victims Fund of $625 million, including $50 million for the emergency reserve.

The Crime Victims Fund is financed by collections of fines, penalty assessments, and bond forfeitures from defendants convicted of federal crimes. These funds support victim assistance and compensation programs around the country and advocates, through policy development, for the fair treatment of crime victims. The Office for Victims of Crime administers formula and discretionary grants for programs designed to benefit victims, provides training for diverse professionals who work with victims, develops projects to enhance victims' rights and services, and undertakes public education and awareness activities on behalf of crime victims. Victim assistance funds help support more than 4,000 local victim service agencies, such as domestic violence shelters, children's advocacy centers, and rape treatment programs. Compensation funds supplement state efforts to provide reimbursement to victims for out-of-pocket expenses resulting from crime, including medical and mental health counseling costs, lost wages, and funeral expenses.