Antitrust Division organization chartd

The Division’s organizational roots can be traced to the creation of an Assistant to the Attorney General in March 1903 to take charge of all suits under the antitrust and interstate commerce laws and to assist the Attorney General and the Solicitor General in the conduct of the general executive work of the Department. The post was created under President Theodore Roosevelt and Attorney General Philander Knox. With the growth of the economy and of corporate enterprise, it became evident that the Department of Justice must have its own corps of specialists in antitrust law to cope with an increasingly complex enforcement situation. Consequently, in 1933 under the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Attorney General Homer S. Cummings, the Antitrust Division was established.

The mission of the Antitrust Division is to promote competition in the U.S. economy through enforcement of, improvements to, and education about antitrust laws and principles.

The major functions of the Division are to:

Antitrust Division Field Offices

Antitrust Division Field Officesd

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