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Electronic Intergovernmental Agreements (eIGA)
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System Overview

The Electronic Intergovernmental Agreement (eIGA) system manages the interaction between a facility provider and an agency with detention service needs leading to an IGA. It provides a reliable and justifiable structure for the negotiation process. eIGA automates the application process by collecting essential information from facility owners. To address the projection and budgeting challenges, the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee (OFDT) has developed a core rate concept that establishes a baseline for negotiating a fixed rate IGA.

To read more about eIGA, please view the brochure Introducing eIGA.

How eIGA Works

For more detailed information on how the eIGA application process works, please view the eIGA Front-End User Handbook.

Customer Service

The OFDT Service Desk provides technical support and training for all steady-state applications, including eIGA. The team consists of service desk personnel, programmers and trainers. Contact information for the OFDT Service Desk can be found in the red box to the left.

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