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Facility Review Management System (FRMS)

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System Overview

The Facility Review Management System (FRMS) is an automated process that manages the OFDT's annual detention facility Quality Assurance Review activities and information. OFDT uses the FRMS tool to help ensure that detention facilities provide safe, secure, humane, conditions of confinement that also protect both statutory and constitutional rights of detainees and provide basic services in an acceptable manner. These reviews are conducted at all private detention facilities under contract to the United States Marshals Service or the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee, and those state and local facilities with Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) with an average daily population of 480 or more Federal detainees.

How FRMS Works

The FRMS manages workflow, captures data and presents screen-rendered checklists that Subject Matter Expert reviewers use to record information about the conditions of confinement at a facility. The checklist contain areas of inquiry (AOI) as they relate to compliance with the Federal Performance-Based Detention Standards , which are used to ensure Federal detainees housed in private facilities and IGAs are being adequately and sufficiently provided for while being housed in non- federal detention facilities.

OFDT uses contracted Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to perform Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs) and gather information regarding a facility's conditions of confinement using the FRMS. The FRMS manages necessary changes and the integration of separate detention functional areas. It supports the transfer of facility information, generates a final report and supports the collection of trend and analysis data. FRMS features a review checklist consisting of the 59 Federal Performance Based Detention Standards which are presented in AOI. These AOI are organized into nine functional checklists consisting of 560 individual AOI, of which 19 are designated as a key function. Failure to meet the minimal levels of acceptance or performance in a key function area would trigger serious remedial actions.

OFDT QAR teams generally consist of one Senior Project Manager and 4 SMEs with expertise in Administration and Management, Healthcare, Security & Control, Food Service, Staff/Detainee Communication, Safety and Sanitation, Services and Programs, and Workforce Integrity and Detainee Discrimination. Upon completion of the QAR report, the Detention Standards and Compliance Division reviews the report and assigns one of five available ratings to the facility: Excellent, Good, Acceptable, Deficient or At Risk. This information is entered into the Detention Services Network to provide consolidated facility information and historic data.

Customer Service

The OFDT Service Desk provides technical support and training for all steady-state applications, including FRMS. The team consists of service desk personnel, programmers and trainers. Contact information for the OFDT Service Desk can be found in the red box to the left.

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