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Identity Theft

On May 10, 2006, the President signed Executive Order 13,402, establishing an Identity Theft Task Force aimed at using federal resources effectively to deter, prevent, detect, investigate, proceed against, prosecute, and remediate Identity Theft. The Attorney General serves as Chairman, with the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission serving as Co-Chairman. The Task Force has four subgroups: Criminal and Law Enforcement, Education and Outreach, Data Security, and Legislation and Administrative Action. The Assistant Attorney General serves as the chair of the Legislation and Administrative Action subgroup, which is charged with suggesting changes in existing law, rules, regulation, and policy to improve the investigation, prosecution, and prevention of identity theft. To that end, the Assistant Attorney and the Office of Legal Policy (OLP) have played a key role in the assessment of our federal identity theft-related efforts and the development of policies designed to improve those efforts. In September 2006, the Task Force delivered to the President a series of Interim Recommendations, and in December 2006, the Task Force submitted for public comment a notice on potential future recommendations. OLP will continue to play a leading role in finalizing a Strategic Plan for delivery to the President and implementation of the recommendations proposed in that Plan.

Executive Order 13,402 - Strengthening Federal Efforts to Protect Against Identity Theft

Interim Recommendations of the Identity Theft Task Force (September 2006)

Identity Theft Task Force Notice for Public Comments (December 2006)

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