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This is an archive of US Department of Justice Web site documents. These documents are no longer updated. They may contain outdated information and links may no longer function. Please contact the DOJ Webmaster if you have any questions about the DOJ archive site.

Attorney General Consolidated Guidelines (October 2008) (PDF)

Attorney General Memorandum to Department Components on Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations (October 2008) (PDF)

Report By The President's Task Force On Puerto Rico's Status (PDF)

Unclassified versions of prepared oral and written testimony of Kenneth L. Wainstein, Assistant Attorney General for National Security regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) (PDF)

Transcript of Department of Justice Briefing on Efforts to Combat Gang Violence

Dutch Citizen Arraigned in Washington, D.C., on Charges of Terrorism Conspiracy Against Americans in Iraq

Indictment (PDF) | Motion (PDF) | Order (PDF)

USA/Canada Report on Phishing (PDF)

USA/Canada Report on Mass-Marketing Fraud (March 2008) (PDF)

USA/Canada Special Report on Counterfeit Checks and Money Orders (2008) (PDF)

Criminal Information in United States v. Mohamed Shorbagi (PDF)

Guilty Plea and Plea Agreement in United States v. Mohamed Shorbagi (PDF)

Indictment of Adam Gadahn (PDF)

Indictment of Seven Florida Men Charged with Conspiring to Support al Qaeda, Attack Targets in the United States (PDF)

2006 Progress Report of the Department of Justice's Task Force on Intellectual Property (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Operation Global Con (PDF)

Fact Sheet: The Impact of United States v. Booker on Federal Sentencing (PDF)

Criminal Indictment in International, Internet-based Child Pornography Investigation (PDF)

Safeguarding America: President Bush Signs Patriot Act Reauthorization (PDF)

Criminal Indictment of Three Men Charged with Conspiring to Commit Terrorist Acts Overseas, Providing Material Support to Terrorists, Filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio (PDF)

The NSA Program to Detect and Prevent Terrorist Attacks - Myth v. Reality (PDF)

Detailed Legal Analysis of the National Security Activities Described by the President

Letter from the Attorney General to the Senate Majority Leader (January 2006) (PDF)

Legal Authorities Supporting the Activities of the National Security Agency Described by the President (January 2006) (PDF)