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MONDAY, JULY 1, 1996                               (202) 616-2765
                                               TDD (202) 514-1888

                       SCHROEDER HEADS OLC

     WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Christopher H. Schroeder, a Deputy
Assistant Attorney General and Special Counsel in the Office of
Legal Counsel, today assumed the post of acting Assistant
Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel, the
Department of Justice announced.  
     Schroeder, currently a professor of law and public policy at
Duke University and co-chair of the Center for the Study of the
Congress at Duke Law School, had served in the two OLC positions
since 1993.   He takes over the duties of Walter E. Dellinger,
who today assumed the position of acting Solicitor General.
     A graduate of Princeton University, Schroeder received his
law degree from the University of California School of Law in
1974.  He was Chief Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee
from July 1992 through February 1993.  Schroeder, who has taught
at Duke since 1979, is a specialist in administrative law,
environmental law and constitutional law.
     OLC assists the Attorney General in the role of legal
advisor to the President and executive branch agencies on
constitutional and statutory issues.