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     Michael R. Bromwich, Inspector General for the U.S.
Department of Justice, today announced the arrest by Hong Kong
authorities of Jerry Wolf Stuchiner, a 19 year employee of the
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and current Officer
in Charge of INS interests in Honduras.  

     Stuchiner was arrested by the Hong Kong Independent
Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) as he arrived in Hong Kong
Monday evening, using a United States diplomatic passport and
carrying 5 fraudulent Honduran passports.  Also arrested was an
El Salvadoran woman traveling with Stuchiner.  They were arrested
and detained under a Prevention of Bribery Ordinance and will be
formally charged by the ICAC with passport related fraud later
this week. 

     The arrests culminate a cooperative investigation conducted
by the OIG and ICAC into allegations that Stuchiner facilitated
the sale of fraudulent Honduran passports and visas to Chinese
immigrant smugglers.  According to Hong Kong authorities,
Stuchiner was part of a scheme that involved Chinese citizens
endenturing themselves to smugglers in return for passports,
travel identities, and airline tickets to Central America where
they would then be smuggled into the United States.   

     Hong Kong resident Dickson Yao was also arrested at the
airport by the ICAC, and Honduran Consulate General Herby
Weizenblut was briefly detained and questioned.  Five additional
Hong Kong residents were detained on Monday by the ICAC for their
suspected involvement in the alien smuggling ring.

     Mr. Bromwich stated that OIG agents were on hand at the Hong
Kong airport when Stuchiner arrived and served as a liaison
between the ICAC and Department of Justice.  Mr. Bromwich
commended the ICAC and the Immigration & Naturalization Service
for their cooperation with the Office of Inspector General. 

Press calls should be directed to Russ Bergeron, Immigration and
Naturalization Service, at 514-2648.