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            New Policy Will Save 20,000 Trees Annually

     WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Justice Department announced today
that effective immediately all paper orders will be filled with
recycled content copier paper as long as the cost is not more than
five percent greater than non-recycled paper.  In addition, the
Department said that because of its efforts to reduce overall paper
consumption, it will spend less money on paper purchases than in
previous years.

     Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the new purchasing policy
today at the Department's annual Earth Day celebration.  "Today's
action will move the Department towards 100 percent compliance and
quickly realize the many benefits of using recycled paper," she
said.  "With full compliance, this Department will help protect our
nation's forests by saving approximately 20,000 trees annually."

     At the Direction of the Attorney General, Assistant Attorney
General Stephen Colgate sent a letter today to the General Services
Administration and the Government Printing Office directing them to
fill all of the Department's orders for copier paper with recycled
content paper.   

     "The Department's new policy illustrates a commitment all
Americans should make to protect our environment and preserve our
nation's precious natural resources," said Lois Schiffer Assistant
Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department's Environment
and Natural Resources Division.

     In FY 1996, the Justice Department purchased more than 1.1
billion sheets of paper, 14 percent of which were recycled content
paper.  Today's policy change will save a significant amount of
natural resources every year, including almost eight million
gallons of water, more than 400,000 gallons of oil, and more than
400,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

     An executive order issued by President Clinton in 1993
requires federal agencies to adopt recycling programs and to
purchase environmentally friendly products.