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     WASHINGTON, D.C. --  Vitro Corporation of Rockville,
Maryland, has paid the United States $139,585.98 to settle
allegations it mischarged labor hours among several Navy
contracts, the Department of Justice announced today.  

     The overcharges occurred at Vitro's Combat Support
Engineering Department at its Gude Drive facility in Rockville.
The Department performed systems engineering, software
engineering and technical and management services for the Navy in
1990-1991 under six prime contracts.

     On July 22, 1991, the company disclosed the possible
wrongful charging of costs to these contracts under the
Department of Defense's Voluntary Disclosure program.  The DOD
Inspector General's office investigated and confirmed the

     Assistant Attorney General Frank W. Hunger of the Civil
Division said Vitro's payment resolves all potential government
claims under the False Claims Act involving the mischarging.
     "The settlement amount is consistent with those provisions
of the False Claims Act that permit the reduction of civil
damages in cases where the company reports the problem to the
government and cooperates during the resulting investigation,"
Hunger said.