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                     AFTER SELLING TWO OTHERS

     WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Department of Justice today cleared
Connoisseur Communications' $13.5 million acquisition of two
Youngstown area radio stations from the Lincoln Group L.P., after
Connoisseur sold two other Youngstown area radio stations.

     Connoisseur Communications sold WBBG-FM and WRTK-AM to Bain
Capital Inc., after the Department's Antitrust Division and the
Ohio Attorney General expressed concerns that the
Connoisseur/Lincoln transaction would lessen competition in the
Youngstown market. 

     Without the sale to Bain, Connoisseur's acquisition of WQXX-FM 
and WSOM-AM from the Lincoln Group, would have given
Connoisseur eight radio stations, which last year accounted for
more than 55 percent of the radio advertising revenues in
     "Connoisseur's sale of the two stations to Bain, which is
buying three additional Youngstown radio stations, establishes an
effective new competitor in Youngstown," said Joel I. Klein,
Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Department's
Antitrust Division.  "The sale to Bain keeps Connoisseur's share
of radio advertising revenues where it would have been had it not
completed the Lincoln Group acquisition.  The sale also preserves
the choices available to Youngstown advertisers, making it
unnecessary for the Department and the Ohio AG to initiate an
enforcement action," Klein added.

     With the sale of WBBG-FM and WRTK-AM, Connoisseur's
acquisition of the Lincoln Group stations will not materially
increase its share of Youngstown radio revenues.

      In addition to the purchase of WBBG-FM and WRTK-AM, Bain
also will acquire Youngstown-area stations WICT-FM, WWSY-FM and
WPAO-AM from Zapis Communications. When the transactions are
complete, Bain will own five Youngstown radio stations, which
last year accounted for about 20 percent of Youngstown's radio
advertising revenues.

     Connoisseur, headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, owns 28
radio stations in seven U.S. cities.  Its 1996 revenues were
approximately $30 million.

     The Lincoln Group is headquartered in Syracuse, New York,
and had revenues of approximately $3.8 million in 1996.